MRRT Update-Central & Pine Bend Bluffs Segments Almost Ready For Paving

The Mississippi River Regional Trail (MRRT) Central Segment in Dakota County is almost ready for paving.  The unpaved half of the Pine Bend Bluffs Segment is still being graded and finish work on the sheet piling walls is being completed.  I stopped by the project area on Monday, October 15th to check on the progress.

The short connecting section on Inver Grove Trail from the Pine Bend Elementary School  to the main trail is almost ready for finish grading and then paving.

The sheet piling walls along the pond just off of Inver Grove Trail & 100th Street E. are in place, have been capped and fencing along the trail has been installed.  A little more finish grading along and on the trail is wrapping up in preparation for paving.

The base underlay on the other end of this segment south of 102nd Street E. & Inver Grove Trail has been packed and is ready for paving.

The unpaved southern half of the Pine Bend Bluffs segment from 111th Street to 117th Street is still a little ways away from being finish graded and paved.  The top picture below shows where the finished northern half of this segment ends and the unfinished southern half begins.  The fourth picture below shows the sheet piling walls in place, but the capping and any fencing needed still needs to be completed.

The photos below were taken from the south end of the Pine Bend Bluffs Segment on 117th Street E.  Finish and shoulder grading still need to be performed to ready the trail for paving. 

The southern most section from 117th Street E. to the Rosemount border has been seeded and appears to be completed.

So far the weather has cooperated for construction crews working on the trail and hopefully this will speed the completion of the these two sections of the MRRT project by late fall.  I will post more updates in the coming weeks as construction nears completion. I look forward to riding this trail into South St. Paul before the snow flies.

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