Things You Can Do To Bike More In 2020

Do you want to make 2020 a great cycling year?  I have compiled a list of things you can do to to put on your biggest annual mileage yet.  Some of these ideas may be familiar and others new to you.  Either way, they will get you to #bikemorein2020.

Join a Facebook group rides group

One of the best ways to ride more in 2020 is to ride with others.  There are several Facebook groups that you can join to find group rides or post up your own ride to get others interested in.  For fatbikers looking to connect with others of the well-endowed tire crowd there is the MN Fatbike Group Rides.  Other disciplines like road, gravel or mountain biking group rides can be found on MN Group Bike Rides.  The south metro area of the Twin Cities in Dakota, Goodhue, and Rice counties has a lot of great riding opportunities to be had.  Join the private group South Metro Group Rides to ride with others that know this area well.  These Facebook groups make it easy to get in plenty of miles with others that share your style of riding.

Join a weekly group ride

Get in some consistent mileage by joining a weekly group ride.  These rides happen throughout the year giving you a chance to establish a riding routine on specific days of the week that will work with your schedule.  Right now there are winter fatbike rides being held just about every day of the week throughout the state.  For a complete list of them visit my post Winter '19-'20 Weekly Fatbike Group Rides.  As the weather warms this spring get ready for weekly road, gravel and mountain bike rides to start popping up.  MN Bike Trail Navigator and Facebook are great places to find these bike shop, club and cyclist organized rides to get you on a weekly ride schedule.

Make the 30 Days of Biking pledge

A great way to kick off the spring riding season is to make the 30 Days of Biking pledge to ride your bike every day in April.  Whether it's a ride around the block or a century ride, it all counts as long as you got on your bike and went for a ride.  Biking in April in Minnesota can present some challenges but these can be overcome.  To quote 30 Days of Biking, "Weather’s bad? Biking indoors counts, too, but give riding in that rainstorm or blizzard a shot. You never know how much you’ll love it! Missed a day? Just keep going! We're all in this together."  The first year I made the pledge I learned a lot about myself, my gear and my bike.  This made me a better cyclist, not to mention I got a big jump on getting in some base miles for the year.  Join people worldwide that make the pledge and share your ride experiences on social media with the hashtag #30daysofbiking.

Try a new discipline

Are you tired of the same old rides? Trying a different ride discipline will open up a whole new experience for you on two wheels.  Are you a roadie or paved trail rider that is looking for some new scenery?  Give gravel a try, the sites and sounds of the country and low traffic roads have made gravel very popular over the last few years.  For gravel discussion, Q&A, group rides and routes, join the MN Gravel Enthusiasts Facebook group to help get you started.   Take up mountain biking if you've never tried it before.  You may find you really enjoy being out in the woods and taking on the challenge of riding singletrack.  MN Mountain Bike Enthusiasts is the place to go for all things mtb.  Extend your ride season into the winter months on a fatbike.  Fatbikes can take you places you can't go with traditional bikes opening up new ride opportunities you would have never thought of.  Facebook groups with fatbike discussion include MN Fatbike Enthusiasts, MN Fatbike Bushwhackers, Fat Bikes and Fatbike Republic.

Take up bike commuting

I took up commuting to work by bike about three years ago and immediately fell in love with it.  It became my morning workout and one of the best ways I know to unwind after a stressful day at work.  I would look forward to finishing my shift just so I could ride my bike home.  2019 was the first time I surpassed the 4,000 mile mark for the year and commuting to work was more than half of those miles.  With my hectic work schedule in the foodservice industry I found bike commuting to be the best way to fit in ride time and it sure beats being stuck in traffic in an automobile.  Give bike commuting a try and if you're not sure where to start there are a lot of experienced commuters on Facebook that can answer your questions and give advice.  Visit Twin Cities/MN Bicycle Advice & Discussion or Twin Cities Bike Commuters to strike up an informative conversation.

Buy a new bike

That's what I did and I loved my new bike so much I was riding way more than usual.  I upgraded from my old road bike and got my dream bike, a Trek Checkpoint SL 6 with full Ultegra and what an amazing difference.  I would make excuses to just get out and ride.  My new bike not only inspired confidence in my riding but also was lighter, faster and an all-together better ride than I was used to on my old bike.  "You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a bike and that’s pretty close!" -Unknown.

Get apparel for all types of weather

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices.  Over the years I have ridden my bikes in every type of weather including blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, thunderstorms and the blazing heat of summer.  Riding year round presents weather challenges but they can be overcome with the right riding apparel.  I have built up my cycling wardrobe to include everything I need to ride my bikes in ANY weather and I no longer have an excuse to skip because conditions aren't ideal.  Through trial and error I have learned what clothing selections work best for the weather I will be riding in and that makes for a much more enjoyable experience in the saddle.

Join Strava
Image Credit: Strava

I joined Strava years ago because it's a great tool to track my progress and weekly/yearly mileage.  I also use it to find new places to ride by following my friends and other cyclists.  This helps me create new routes that I can load onto my gps bike computer for easy navigation.  If you don't have a gps enabled bike computer linked to Strava, use the Strava app on your phone (available for both Android and IOS) to track rides, create and follow routes and tally your mileage.  Strava is a free app with basic features and more advanced function can be unlocked by joining Strava Summit.  With Strava Summit you can pick the features you need for training, analysis and safety to reach your goals and help you bike more in 2020.

Plan out your ride calendar

Bookmark my 2020 Minnesota Bike Tours, Rides, Races & Events Schedule on MN Bike Trail Navigator for the best listing of cycling events in Minnesota on the web.  I update this post almost daily as new events are popping up all the time.  Start planning out your ride calendar now and don't miss out on events that may have rider caps, registration deadlines or were announced close to the event date.  Each listing has links to more information so you can decide if the event is right for you.  The more events you participate in the more miles you'll rack up for 2020.

Take up bikecamping/bikepacking

One thing I've always wanted to do on the bike was to go camping and bikepacking.  Last year I invested in the necessary equipment to get me started and went on my first bikecamping trip.  I really enjoyed it and plan on doing several outings in 2020.  I have multiple destinations in mind that I can travel to from my home eliminating the need for a car on these trips.  Through some trial and error test rides last summer I found out what works for me and how to fit everything on the bike that is needed for an outing.

Bikepacking/bikecamping opens up a whole new avenue of bike adventures that I wouldn't have even thought about before.  If this is something that sounds of interest to you but you're not sure where to start, visit your local bike shop and they can help you with any questions you may have and point you in the right direction for the bags and gear needed for a successful outing.  Farmstead Bike Shop in Minneapolis hosts several group bikecamping outings during the late spring and early summer that are a good place to start if you are a beginner.

Find new places to ride

Get away from the same old boring rides by riding some place new.  By doing this I have discovered some of my favorite new areas to explore.  I'm a mountain biker at heart and I wanted to seek out new challenges other than singletrack to ride my fatbike.  I enjoy bushwhacking ventures off the beaten path to explore nature where there are no trails.  Some of these spots include beaches, woods and frozen lakes/swamps.  Besides bushwhacking, new places to ride may also include gravel roads out in the country, that mountain bike trail you've never been to or a tour on one of Minnesota's many scenic rail trails.  With so many riding opportunities in our state there are limitless places to take you on your next bike adventure.  Visit my pages Twin Cities Area Map LinksSouthern MN Map LinksCentral MN Map Links and Northern MN Map Links to discover new places near you to ride.

Fo//ow Ho//ow
Performance Alpaca
All Day Comfort
No Itch
No Stink
No Quit


Winter '19-'20 Weekly Fatbike Group Rides

Now that winter is into full swing there are a bunch of weekly fatbike group rides you can get in on.  Some are put on by bike shops, others are organized by clubs or individuals.  Below is a list with links to more details about these rides.


Image Credit: Brady Larson-Mankato Fatbikers

Sundays are when the Mankato Fat Bikers set out for their weekly ride at various locations around Mankato including Mount Kato, the Red Jacket Trail, river bottoms and Kiwanis Park.  Visit the Mankato Fatbikers Facebook page for information on upcoming rides.

Image Credit: Now Bikes

Now Bikes hosts is currently hosting their weekly Sunday Morning Fat Bike Demo & Ride all winter long at various ride locations throughout the Twin Cities.   Rides are generally from 9:00 to 11:00 am and if you call ahead you can schedule a demo bike to ride.  Visit the Now Bikes Facebook page for weekly locations and more details.

Come out and ride with riders of all levels, meet new friends and pick up riding tips on our Fat/MTB demo & group ride on Sunday mornings!
- Free demo bikes to ride! Must call ahead (651-490-7709) or stop by the Arden Hills location to schedule for us to bring a bike for you to ride
- Demo bikes from the following brands may be available: Santa Cruz, Salsa, Felt, Otso in all sizes XS, SM, MD, LG, XL
- Ride generally goes from 9-11AM
- No drop ride, all rider levels are welcome!
- Location for ride is determined the Friday or Saturday before the ride and is based on trail conditions. Check our Facebook page for the location.


Big Ole Bike Club in Alexandria is now into their Fat Tire Monday Rides schedule for the winter.  Ride locations and ride leaders change weekly and start at 6:00 pm.  To get a text reminder: Text @snowbiker to 81010

The mountain biking branch of the Rochester Active Sports Club hosts Mon/Wed Fat Bike Rides twice a week at Gamehaven Reservoir Park lasting into mid-March.  Meet at 6:30 pm with lights for this night ride.

Mon/Wed Fat Bike Ride, bring lights!  See you at the lower/city lot!


Freewheel Bike-Bloomington hosts their Bloomington Tuesday Fatbike Rides! now through the end of February.  Meet at the Bloomington shop for a 6:00 pm roll out on this fun and educational ride through the Minnesota River Bottoms.  Lights and helmet required.

Every Tuesday this winter, join the #FreewheelBike Bloomington crew for a fun-paced fatbike ride through the River Bottoms! This friendly and educational ride will depart from the shop at 6 p.m., and we’ll all stick together and ensure no one gets left behind.

Participating in this ride requires wearing a helmet and placing both front and back lights on your bike. Check this event page just in case for weather updates and remember to bring water and a snack to stay hydrated and energized.

Let us know if you have any questions! 


Great Northern Bicycle Company in Fargo, ND hosts their weekly Wednesday night fatbike ride for the duration of the winter.  Ride departs the shop at 6:00 pm and meets at the MB Johnson Park trailhead at 6:30 pm.  Check the Great Northern Bicycle Company Facebook page for weekly updates.

Every Wednesday during the winter months we'll roll out from the shop at 6:00pm and begin riding at the trailhead at 6:30pm. Remember that a minimum of 3.8" wide tires are required to ride on the trails, and we'll be recommending 5psi or lower air pressure tonight with current trail conditions. We'd like to send a big thank you to the Fargo Moorhead Trailbuilders for all their hard work! Give them a like if you haven't already to get the latest on trail conditions and other updates!

Life Wellness Center-Eagan switched their weekly mountain bike ride to Wednesdays for the winter.  This no-drop fatbike ride will alternate between south metro mountain bike trails.  Meet at that week's trailhead at 6:00 pm with your lights.  Check the Life Wellness Group Rides - Wednesdays Facebook event page or join the Life Wellness Group Rides group for details about weekly locations and updates.

These Fat Bike/Mt. Bike group rides will rotate between south metro singletrack trails (Murphy, Lebanon Hills, West Lake Marion) depending on trail conditions. Join the "Life Wellness Group Rides" Facebook page for locations and weekly updates. We will break into groups based on skill levels, so everyone enjoys the ride! This is a “No Drop” ride meant to build community. We’ll regroup often and afterwards socialize!

The mountain biking branch of the Rochester Active Sports Club hosts Mon/Wed Fat Bike Rides twice a week at Gamehaven Reservoir Park lasting into mid-March.  Meet at 6:30 pm with lights for this night ride.

Mon/Wed Fat Bike Ride, bring lights!  See you at the lower/city lot!

In addition to their Tuesday night fatbike ride, Freewheel Bike has added Woodbury Wednesday Fatbike Rides! which starts January 8th and goes through the end of February.  Meet at the Woodbury shop for a 5:00 pm roll out on this fun-paced fatbike ride at singletrack trails at Carver Lake Park.

On Wednesday evenings this winter, join the #FreewheelBike Woodbury crew for a fun-paced fatbike ride at Carver Lake Park Off-Road Cycling Trail! Winter biking is a blast and we can't wait to ride along with you.

These friendly and educational rides will be led by Woodbury service manager Todd Sieler. We'll meet at the shop at 5 p.m., roll out together to Carver Lake, and ensure no one gets left behind. We encourage riders of all skill levels and speeds to join!

Participating requires wearing a helmet and placing both front and back lights on your bike. Check this event page for weather updates and remember to bring water and a snack to stay hydrated and energized.

Let us know if you have any questions! 


Sam and Ambrose from Now Bikes are now hosting their weekly ride, Rolling Fatties Thursday Night Ride  from the St. Paul shop throughout the winter on Thursday nights at 6:00 pm. 

It's that time of year again! Let's survive winter together! Join Ambrose and Sam Thursday nights at our St. Paul location for a weekly recreational urban ride. Please be prepared to leave from the St. Paul location at 6pm. Rolling Fatties is a no drop, fun ride with both on road and off road sections. We do have a refreshment stop halfway as well as at the shop post ride. The goal is to be back to the shop by 8:00 PM, but sometimes things get rowdy.
Lights and previous Mountain Bike riding experience are required, but that's about it. Demo fat bikes are available upon request with a 48 hour advanced notice.
Please contact the St. Paul shop with any additional questions.

Now St. Paul
(651) 644-2354
75 Snelling Ave, St Paul, MN 55104

Michael's Cycles hosts their weekly Thursday Night Fat Bike Ride out of their Prior Lakes store at 6:00 pm. Some ride locations include Murphy-Hanrehan and Cleary Lake Regional Park.  Check the Michael's Cycles-Prior Lake Facebook page for updates and weekly ride details.  Rentals available from the shop.

The Thursday Night Group Ride is held every Thursday that the trail is open at Elm Creek Singletrack in Champlin.  Rides start at 6:30pm and are no-drop.  Details for each week's ride can be found on their Facebook page.

Are you looking for a group of fun mountain bikers to have fun with on mountain bikes? Then you've come to the right place! The Thursday Night Group ride at Elm Creek Singletrack is a no-drop mountain bike group ride for any rider from beginner to expert.

We ride every Thursday that the trail is open, starting at about 6:30pm. However, if the air temp is below 5º or the windchill is below 0º, we won't have an official ride.


Faturday is a weekly fatbike ride that has taken place for years on Saturday mornings at the Minnesota River Bottoms.  Start location changes week to week as well as routes and distances depending on the weather and trail conditions.  Rides are usually posted a few days before on the MORC Group Rides Forum and in the MN Fatbike Group Rides Facebook group with that week's details.

This ride stops to regroup frequently along the trail making it a good one for riders of all abilities. Most rides usually last two to three hours and sometimes conclude for a beer or two afterward at Bald Man Brewing in Eagan.

Now Bikes-St. Paul has started their Now Bikes Saturday Fat Ride for the winter season.  This Saturday afternoon, casual paced ride will alternate around various trails in the Twin Cities metro area starting at 1:00 pm.  Ride locations will be posted on their Facebook event page a few days prior.  Call the St. Paul shop 48 hours ahead to request a demo fatbike for the ride. 

In case you don’t have enough fat biking in your life with our Sunday and Thursday rides, we’re adding a Saturday afternoon ride! Join Sam from the Saint Paul store on a weekly casual paced ride. The starting location for the ride will rotate around to different trails throughout the season. We will post where the ride will be a few days in advance, so check the event page for details. Previous mountain/fat biking experience not required, but encouraged. Demo fat bikes are available upon request with a 48 hour advance notice.

Please contact Sam Berglund at the Saint Paul location with any additional questions. 651-644-2354.

Michael's Cycles hosts their weekly Sat Morn Ride! from their shop in Chaska.  They open the doors to the shop at 7:30 am with donuts and coffee and roll out at 8:00 am sharp.  Depending on trail conditions and the weather rides include both paved/aggregate and singletrack. Visit the Michael's Cycles-Chaska Facebook page for details on upcoming rides.

Fo//ow Ho//ow
Performance Alpaca
All Day Comfort
No Itch
No Stink
No Quit


Field Tested Gifts for Cyclists

For the last couple of years I have put out a list of cycling gift ideas containing quality products that I have tested and use regularly.  This year's list contains eight of those items that will make the cyclist on your shopping list happy without breaking the bank.

Park Tool 
Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair

For the cyclist that would like to learn more about how to work on their bikes, the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is a perfect gift.  This mechanic's guide covers everything from simple adjustments to a complete overhaul.  It's full of step-by-step, easy to follow instructions with color pictures and charts that demonstrate the repairs.  This is a great pairing with any cyclist wrencher's toolbox.  Available in hard cover from Park Tool, local bike shops and book retailers for $29.95.  Paperback and e-book versions are also available.

Garmin Edge Remote

If you're shopping for a roadie or a mountain biker that has a Garmin Edge compatible cycling computer, they'll love the Garmin Edge Remote.  This Ant+ wireless connectivity 3-button remote comes with a road and mountain bike mount.  No more taking hands off the bars to swipe to the next screen, hit the lap button or a number of other programmable options from a preset list of functions.  I use this remote for both on and off-road and it is much more glove friendly than trying to use the touchscreen of the Edge.  The Garmin Edge Remote retails for $49.99 and is available from local bike shops, Garmin and outdoor retailers.

Pearl Izumi WxB Shoe Covers

The shoulder seasons (spring & fall) can present some challenges to keeping feet warm and dry so Pearl Izumi WxB Shoe Covers are my choice for chilly or wet rides.  These shoe covers feature a fleece lining for warmth, a two stage hook and loop closure for a proper fit and windproof/waterproof PRO Barrier WxB fabric.  Available in Black and Screaming Yellow for $55 from local bike shops, Pearl Izumi and outdoor retailers.

Fo//ow Ho//ow 
Performance Alpaca Socks

When it comes to cycling socks, I have a huge collection of them, but if I had to choose only one pair it would be Follow Hollow Performance Alpaca Socks.  These hypoallergenic, baby Alpaca fiber socks are outstanding at regulating heat, wicking moisture and are extremely soft and comfortable.  This is truly a no-itch, all-day, no-stink sock. I wear them for a morning ride and then the rest of the day at work.  Follow Hollow just recently surpassed their Kickstarter goal and these are now available for pre-order in two sizes. Single pair price is $25 with orders being shipped out before December 20, 2019.  Buy two, four or eight pairs and receive a discounted price.

Bontrager Windshell Balaclava

I'm a big fan of balaclavas during the cold months to keep my face, neck and head warm.  I have several of them but I really like the Bontrager Windshell Balaclava because of its Windshell fabric that has a brushed thermal interior and clamshell design that allows me easily adjust it up or down on my face while riding.  This year's model has added laser-cut holes by the mouth and nose.  Available from Authorized Trek Dealers and Trek for $29.99.

Pro Bike Gear
Discover Bikepacking Bags

If you have a cyclist on your list that is interested in getting into bikepacking or bikecamping there are a couple of quality bags from Pro-Bike Gear that aren't too expensive.  The Discover Seatpost Bag is a 15L waterproof bag with anti-swing construction.  This bag is big enough to hold my bivvy tent with plenty of room to spare.  For the cockpit there is the Discover Handlebar Bag.  This 8L waterproof bag with handlebar wrap also has anti-swing construction and opens at both ends for easy access.  I've used this bag for my sleeping roll on my gravel bike and my bivvy tent on my fatbike and still had room to load other smaller gear.  Available from local bike shops and outdoor retailers for $69.99 each.

VeloInk Decals

VeloInk has the perfect gift for the cyclist that would like to add that personal touch to their rides, helmets or other bike gear.  I've been using these high quality, laminated vinyl decals for years and they stand up to whatever I and the elements have thrown at them.  Choose from a variety of different flag/graphic styles, fonts, colors, sizes and finishes.  Create a design with VeloInk's easy to use templates so you can preview it before you buy.  VeloInk Personalized Decals start at $9.95 and come with a satifaction guarantee.

Prestaflator Mini Bicycle Tire Inflator

Why use a tire pump if you have an air compressor? The Prestaflator Mini Bicycle Tire Inflator is a shop quality, one-handed tire inflator with models for both presta and schrader valves.  I check and adjust my tire pressure before just about every ride and using one of these with my compressor is much quicker and easier than using a hand pump, especially for my fatbike.   Top off that tire pressure or seat a tubeless tire in seconds with this handy shop tool.  Available at local bike shops, Prestacycle and Amazon for $24.95 to $36.95.


2020 Minnesota Gravel Events

Rural Minnesota is home to quite a few long standing gravel road races and in recent years many new events have started to become a yearly tradition with cyclists.  With varying terrain, minimum maintenance roads, elevation changes, great rural scenery and unpredictable weather in the Spring and Fall, these events are sure to be fun and challenging.  Some are free while others require registration fees.  Almost all are unsupported requiring the participants to be their own repair and support crew.

This year's calendar will include all types of  gravel races and rides from around the state.  Some of these have registration cutoff dates, have a rider cap, or more information and registration details that are yet to be announced.  Below is a list of all of the gravel events in Minnesota that I'm aware of in chronological order.  I will continue to update and add events to this post as they become available.  If you are a race or event organizer and would like your event listed here and on my 2020 Minnesota Bike Tours, Rides, Races & Events Schedule, please send me an e-mail.

Dickie Scramble-April 4, 2020
Elgin, MN
65-70 miles

Ragnarök 105-April 18, 2020
Mississippi National Golf Course
Red Wing, MN
Postcard Registration open November 29-December 31, 2019
150 racer cap
Facebook Page

Earth Day Gravel Grinder-April 25, 2020
Imminent Brewing
Northfield, MN
Facebook Event Page

Miesville FiftySix-April 26, 2020
Jack Ruhr Stadium
Miesville, MN
56 miles
Online Registration opens February 4, 2020

Gravel Drama 200-May 16, 2020
Bay City, WI
200 miles

The Heywood Ride-May 16, 2020
Northfield, MN
380, 170, 110, 50 miles

Le Grand Du Nord-May 23, 2020
Grand Marais, MN
100+, 50+, 20 miles
600 rider cap
Facebook Event Page
Online Registration

Riotgrrravel-June 6, 2020
Hope Lutheran Church
Hastings, MN
33, 21, 10 miles

Shakopee Gravel Adventure-June 13, 2020
Minnesota Randonneurs
Shakopee, MN
100 km

Luce Line Loops Bike Ride-June 14, 2020
Crow River Winery
Hutchinson, MN
75k gravel grinder, 50, 25, 12 miles

Freedhem 76 Gravel Ride-June 28, 2020
Freedhem Store
Little Falls, MN
76, 46 miles
Online Registration

Heck Epic-July 17-19, 2020
Two Harbors, MN
200+ miles
150 rider cap
Facebook Event Page
Online Registration

Rugged Growler-August 9, 2020
Gate City Events
Canton, SD

The Day Across Minnesota (The DAMn)-August 15, 2020
Gary, SD to Hager City, WI
240 miles
Facebook Event Page
Online Registration

La Crosse Area Bicycle Festival-August 28-31, 2020
La Crosse, WI
Facebook Page

Heck of the North-September 26, 2020
Two Harbors, MN
100+, 50+, 20 miles
600 rider cap
Facebook Event Page
Online Registration

The Filthy 50-October 10, 2020
Lanesboro, MN
50, 24 miles
Facebook Page
Facebook Event Page
Online Registration opens June 20, 2020


2019 Thanksgiving Weekend MN Cycling Events

There are plenty of cycling events going on around Minnesota over the long Thanksgiving weekend to burn off those extra calories from your feast.  Join in on a social ride, fatbike ride or demo, do some cyclocross racing or an alley cat race.

Do you want to get in a mountain bike ride before the big feast?  Join Michael's Cycles at their shop in Chaska Thanksgiving morning at 8:00 am for Turkey Day AM Ride through Mammoth.

Paul & Jason are leading a ride thru Mammoth to pre-burn those Turkey calories. 

The Joyful Riders Club along with Surly Brewing, Freewheel Bike and 30 Days of Biking will be holding the Fifth-Annual Leftovers Ride with the Joyful Riders Club on the day after Thanksgiving.  The ride leaves Surly Brewing in Minneapolis at 3:30 pm.

Our fifth-annual Black Friday #LeftoversRide is back! Celebrate the day after Thanksgiving by riding your bike, sharing your favorite leftovers, and meeting new friends.

We'll meet at Surly Brewing Company at 3 p.m., ride at 3:30 p.m., bike somewhere special at whistling pace, build a fire, and perform the ceremonial Burning of the Table. This is the perfect way to mash off all those mashed potatoes.

The Leftovers Ride is one of our most favorite and special events of the year. A total can't-miss, if we're being quite honest.

Touright Bicycle Shop will be hosting Little Falls Light Parade V by joining in on the Little Falls Parade of Lights.  Ride meets at the shop at 5:30 pm on Friday night and will navigate to the start of the parade.

We have been requested to return and be involved again with the Little Falls Parade of Lights that typically brings Santa into Central MN. (The Bunny might be there again this year too!)

We'll meet at Touright, 124 2nd St NE, Little Falls at 5:30 to cycle over to the start of the route and ride with lights along the route!
Touright will sell lights to display to you at cost if you let me know you want them by November 22nd at 2 pm

Following the Parade the first one is on the Bunny as we gather Starry Eyed!

See you then!

Hit the Minnesota River Bottoms with One On One Bicycle Studio for Opt Outside. Ride with OOOBS.  Ride from one end to the other before making your way back through town to the shop for refreshments and a bonfire.  This no-drop ride departs OOOBS in Minneapolis on Friday at 11:00 am.

Friends! Cyclists! Adventurers!

We're going to #OptOutside again this year and will be closed for business on Black Friday, and in place of workin', we're doing what we love most. Riding our bikes!

Come join us for a ramble ride leaving from the shop at 11am (hopefully that's enough time for you to sleep off that turkey hangover) as we head to the MN River Bottoms to ride end to end, where we'll head back northeast and snake our way back through town to the shop afterward, where everyone is welcome to join us for a bonfire and some beers. ALL ARE WELCOME and we encourage you all to come ride with us! This will be a no-drop ride, and we'll be stopping often to re-group, so don't worry if you fall off the back a little bit, we'll wait for you and beverage stops will be 'aplenty.

A few notes:
- Bring lights! We anticipate wrapping up before dark, but if we don't or if you plan on hanging out, you'll want 'em.
- Don't be a jerk, we'll ask you to get out.
- Ride something with wide-ish tires. It'll be sandy / snowy / muddy / etc. down there, so keep that in mind when choosing your rig for the day.
- As always, come with ur party hats on, and get ready to have some fun!

Photo Credit: That beautiful photo up there is from our good friend, Kurt Stafki


Are you interested in trying out a new Salsa, Cannondale or Otso fatbike before you buy?  Head to Lake Elmo Park Reserve on Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm for the Now Bikes Lake Elmo Fat Bike Demo.  This is a free demo, however there is a $7 daily fee for entering the park.

Come join us at Lake Elmo Park Reserve for a day of fat biking! We'll be out from 10am to 2pm the last Saturday of every month. This is a FREE demo put on by us at Now Bikes. Come and see what all the hype is about. We will have demo bikes from Salsa, Cannondale, and Otso. 

More info: https://www.nowbikes-fitness.com/articles/saturday-fat-bike-demo-pg220.htm

If a fatbike group ride is more your thing, Now Bikes Saturday Fat Ride will be taking place Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at a mountain bike trail to be determined.  Visit the Facebook event page for trail location announcement a few days before the ride.

In case you don’t have enough fat biking in your life with our Sunday and Thursday rides, we’re adding a Saturday afternoon ride! Join Sam from the Saint Paul store on a weekly casual paced ride. The starting location for the ride will rotate around to different trails throughout the season. We will post where the ride will be a few days in advance, so check the event page for details. Previous mountain/fat biking experience not required, but encouraged. Demo fat bikes are available upon request with a 48 hour advance notice.

Please contact Sam Berglund at the Saint Paul location with any additional questions. 651-644-2354.

If you were one of the first 50 to get your postcard registration in before the November 8th deadline, you'll be riding the Iron Range in Hibbing on Saturday for the Pie Burner 2019.  Ride fee is a donation to the North Eastern St. Louis Country Toys For Tots Foundation.  If you missed the registration this year, keep an eye out for it in 2020 if you want to "FatBike in the heart of North Eastern Minnesota’s Iron Range..... True FatBike country."

Team Hollywood Cycles, Girl Fiend Cycling Team and Larson Cycle Racing will be hosting 'Cross Fer Tots on Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at Cambridge City Park in Cambridge.  Entry for racing in Beginner (30 minute), Intermediate (45 minutes) and Advanced (60 minutes) classes requires a toy donation to Twin Cities Toys for Tots.  Party to follow after the races.

‘Cross fer Tots is a cyclocross race that collects toys & donations for the Twin Cities Toys for Tots organization by asking participants to donate toys rather than charge big entry fees. Be a part of something extraordinary and help make the holidays sparkle for families in our own community! 

Sunday night is the monthly Minneapolis alley cat, No Name 163: A Bar With No Name.  Meet at Father Hennepin Bluff Park at 6:30 pm with the recommended gear and roll out at 7:00 pm.

To commemorate “Closing Time”, the new history of MSP’s dive bars by Bill Lindeke & Andy Sturdevant, let’s chase down a few bars and discover obscure details about them. No imbibing req’d. 

10-15 miles total depending on temps & snow. Meet 6:30, depart 7. Bring lights, pen, map, & lock. Ending location tbd.
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