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Minnesota is known as the "Bike Friendly State" and there are quite a few good blogs about biking in this great state to keep you informed.  They cover everything from road cycling, mountain biking, fat tire bikes, bike advocacy, traffic and bicycle infrastructure, cyclist's personal experiences and even the weather as it relates to biking.  I will post a series highlighting some of the blogs that I follow regularly that you may want to check out or subscribe to.

Credit:  Mountainbikegeezer.com
Griff Wigley is new to mountain biking within the last few years but has jumped into it with both feet.  He may be a "geezer" but he isn't afraid crash or to take on those expert singletrack trails.  One of his  posts entitled "Upper body armor means I can crash more with confidence"  and the video below from another recent post demonstrate this.

I had the chance to ride the Minnesota River Bottoms with Griff this past spring and had a great time, he is definitely a character and likes the more technical aspects of mountain biking.  His posts are always interesting, instructive, informative and full of pictures and video.

You can follow Griff, the "Mountain Bike Geezer" by subscribing to his blog via RSS feed, e-mail or visiting Mountainbikegeezer.com.  Follow him on Twitter or visit his Picasa Photo Gallery.

I found the easiest way to keep up on all of the latest content for the blogs I read is to use a RSS reader client such as Google Reader or Flipboard.  These allow you to put together all of the blogs you read into one convenient place.  There are a lot of RSS readers that work with desktop computers and smartphones so pick the one that best suits your needs.  Soon I will bring to you another Minnesota bike blog worth reading.

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