MRRT Construction Update: Central & Pine Bend Bluffs Segments

I stopped by the start of the Central Segment of the MRRT in Inver Grove Heights off of 100th St. E. and Inver Grove Trail to check on the progress of construction.  I received an e-mail update on October 18th from Dakota County that stated the following:

MRRT – south Inver Grove Heights border to the northern boundary of the Pine Bend Bluffs Scenic and Natural Area

Schedule for October 18 – 27 

  • Culvert installation.
  • Grading the trail.
  • Placing aggregate on the trail.
  • Install riprap.
  • Paving the trail.

All of the photos in this post were taken on Monday, October 29th.  It looks as though most of the Central Segment work is done and the finishing touches are being completed. 


The next series of photos were taken on the other end of the Central Segment near Inver Grove Trail and 102nd St. E.  This is where the trail will cross the road to the existing trail that will take cyclists to the northern boundary of the Pine Bend Bluffs Segment.

I took a drive down 111th Street E. to where the unfinished southern half of the Pine Bend Bluffs Segment begins and took the photo below.  Workers were putting the finishing touches on the class 5 base layer in preparation for paving.  I spoke with one of the workers to find out when they were going to begin paving this segment.  He told me that they would start paving Tuesday, October 30th or Wednesday, October 31st but that would depend on the survey inspectors.

Down on 117th St. E., the section leading to the Rosemount border is completed except for the remaining fence installation. 

Across the street, the southern most part of the Pine Bend Bluffs Segment leading to 111th St. E. is prepared with the class 5 base layer and is almost ready for paving.

The worker I spoke with also mentioned there is a 300 foot section of the trail that they didn't know what they were going to do with yet.  It may not get paved until next spring but you can travel through the parking lot of the trucking facility to get back to the paved trail.  The photos below detail this section.

Location of 300' section of trail

There is an area here where bluffs descend into deep ravines and trees do not obstruct magnificent views of the Mississippi River Valley.  The trail meanders the steep edges and plunging wooded ravines of the bluffs as it makes its way back to 111th St. E.

Here is the most recent update I received on October 26th for the schedule of work to be done:

MRRT – south Inver Grove Heights border to the northern boundary of the Pine Bend Bluffs Scenic and Natural Area
Schedule for Oct. 26 – Nov. 3  

  • Placing aggregate on the trail.
  • Paving the trail.
  • Fence installation.

Schedules are subject to change due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

To check the most recent construction schedule visit the MRRT Pine Bend Segment construction project page.  If you would like to get e-mail updates on this project as they are posted send an e-mail to erin.borchert@co.dakota.mn.us with "Add me to the CP 97-98 (MRRT - Pine Bend) update list" in the subject line.  Late November is the scheduled time frame for project completion, so cold weather cyclists will get a chance to ride it this year providing there isn't a big snowfall by then.  If there is, get out that fat bike and conquer the snow covered trail.

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