Save the Minnesota River Bottoms: Sign the Petition

For those of us that use the Minnesota River Bottoms, whether it be for hiking, running, mountain biking or bird watching, this area has been a favorite of nature lovers during all seasons for many years because of its natural beauty.  I first introduced my son to mountain biking here years ago and it was a special place for us to go and ride together.  For over 20 years MORC members have helped maintain this natural surface trail that runs between the Bloomington Ferry Bridge and Indian Mounds School in Bloomington.

This area is prone to repeated flooding and the idea of millions of dollars being used to develop a paved or aggregate trail here seems like an expensive plan that will require a lot of  yearly maintenance costs and has been one that many people have opposed for years.  Many of us would like to see this area expanded, improved and preserved in its natural state as a natural surface multi-use trail open to hikers, runners, cyclists and nature lovers.  MORC has started a petition that will be presented to the MN DNR, Bloomington City Council and Representative Ann Lenczewski.  Please visit Change.org to let your voice be heard that you want to stop the plan to put a paved trail in the Minnesota River Valley between the Bloomington Ferry Bridge and the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge.

For updates on this important issue please visit the Save the River Bottoms Facebook pageJoin MORC today to help safeguard the future of mountain biking in Minnesota through the promotion of responsible riding, establishment and maintenance of mountain biking trails, and preservation of Minnesota's natural resources.

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