Old Cedar Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation Project is Underway

After many years of discussion, debate and extensive studies, the rehabilitation project for the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge over Long Meadow Lake is finally underway.  Since its closure in 2002 to pedestrian and bike traffic, the old steel truss bridge has been deteriorating and considered an undue safety hazard.

Now that the City of Bloomington has secured Federal and State funding for the rehabilitation project, construction will begin in 2015 and open to cyclists and pedestrians in the Spring of 2016.  A team of  bridge engineers and historians has been hired to consult and develop the final project design plan which will wrap up in November.  Bid letting for the project is expected to take place in December and project commencement in January 2015.

This project has been long awaited by cyclists and will be a very important river crossing not only for bike commuters, but recreational riders and pedestrians alike.  A public meeting on the project was held in June and another will be held this Fall.

For more information about the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge visit the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge over Long Meadow Lake - History Frequently Asked Questions page on the City of Bloomington website.  For a background of the bridge, project status and information on public meetings about the project, visit the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge Over Long Meadow Lake website.   Subscribe to receive email updates on the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge Project.

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