Fix It Sticks: A Compact Multi-Tool with Leverage & Torque

Aluminum Version
After hearing all of the buzz before and during Interbike about Fix It Sticks, I had to find out more about this innovative new multi-tool.  I found myself drawn to the smallest booth at Interbike to meet with Fix It Sticks inventor and founder Brian Davis.  He told me how this small tool went from an idea he had one day after having a front derailleur snap off of his trainer to becoming a Kickstarter funded reality. Then he demonstrated how the design will provide the leverage and torque needed that many multi-tools lack.  "All the benefits of a 3-way wrench and a folding multi-tool without any of the compromise." - Brian Davis

Steel Version
Brian sent me a set of the steel version (aluminum version also available) of Fix It Sticks after I told him that they would come in handy for swapping out pedals.  I have had trouble removing pedals with my current multi-tool because it just didn't have the leverage and torque needed to do so.  Brian told me the steel version was a little heavier but had a higher torque rating.

The Mountain Set sent to me contains the tips I need to make most adjustments on my mountain bike.  The first task to put them to the test was to remove my clipless pedals and install my flats.  The Fix It Sticks' T-shaped design made easy work of popping the pedals loose and installing them tightly.  While I wouldn't need this kind of torque for other adjustments, it is nice to have such a small multi-tool that can handle tasks that may require a 3-way tool.  They are able to get into tight spots using just one of them to start a bolt and then inserting the other into it to tighten.

Their small size makes them very easy to stash away in a seat bag, top-tube bag, stem pack or jersey pocket.  Each set comes with a convenient carrying case made from a recycled tube that keeps them from clanking around in your pack or pocket.  I no longer use my old bulky multi-tool that didn't have the leverage I needed and had a bunch of other stuff I didn't.  I ride some long distances on gravel roads out in the middle of nowhere and I have to carry all of the necessary tools to get me out of a jam and back in the saddle.  Fix It Stick are now a vital part of my rescue pack because they don't take up much space and get the job done.  Be prepared for the unexpected, don't get caught out on a ride without them. 

Fix It Sticks are made in the USA, come in many versions and are available in Aluminum or Steel.  Sets include:
Fix It Sticks retail for $29.99 and can be purchased on the Fix It Sticks website or from select dealers.

Disclosure:  Fix It Sticks provided the review sample for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review. 

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