Minnesota River Bottoms West Segment in Great Shape

If you haven't been mountain biking in the Minnesota River Bottoms west segment recently, get out there.  The trails are dry and in great shape.  With the exception of the sandy areas between Nine Mile Creek and the swing bridge, the trails are very fast.

The only other thing that may slow you down is when you reach the Nine Mile Creek crossing.  The water level has dropped quite a bit from a couple of weeks ago and with the washout of the creek bank, the lower section of steps on the east side have broken away from the main part of the staircase.  Expect to step in some mud boarding the ferry raft.  If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can head north along the creek bank to the old fallen tree.  The receding water level has made it possible to cross here once again.  

Once on the other side of the creek, you will see that you will have better visibility and some freedom from the stinging nettles because the trail has been mowed from here to the Bloomington Ferry Unit parking lot.  No more getting wet from the morning dew on the tall grasses or guessing where the trail goes when traveling through the thick stuff.

Navigating through the wooded sections has become a little easier too, with the mowing of the trail.  The trails are very fast with the dry conditions, so get out there and race from one end to the other and back to put your skills and speed to the test.

Keep your eyes scanning ahead of you for others using the trails.  Deer have been following the trails a lot, I  saw many deer tracks along the way.  I kicked up this 4 point buck with a velvet rack that didn't hear me coming until I got close to him as he walked along the trail.  On my return from the Bloomington Ferry Unit parking lot I had a spotted fawn cross the trail in front of me.  There were a lot of squirrels jumping out of my way as I raced through the wooded sections, too.

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