Pine Island's Borrow-A-Bike Program

Pine Island, MN is the home of the Borrow-A-Bike program.  The program was put into place by the city to accommodate adults and kids that would like to ride the 12.7 mile Douglas State Trail but don't have a bike.  The program is free and available to city residents and visitors to Pine Island.

The bike inventory consists of over 50 donated bikes of all sizes that have been restored.  They are available to borrow from May through October on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm weather permitting.  Bikes are available on weekdays by appointment.  Contact Roy Larson at (507) 696-8453 or Jerry Vettel at (507) 993-4860.

Cyclists 18 and over can take advantage of this program by registering, filling out a waiver, picking out a helmet and selecting a bike.  A signed authorization by a parent or guardian is needed for children to borrow bikes.  Groups are also welcome.

The Pine Island Trailhead Park is located right behind Borrow-A-Bike and is the starting point for the Douglas State Trail.  The Rochester trailhead is on the south end of the trail and connects to another 60 miles of city trails. 

Borrow-A-Bike is located at:
1st Ave. N.E. and East Center Street
Pine Island, MN

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