Minnesota Training Rides For Gravel Enthusiasts-Part 4

A while ago I put up a post on the MN Gravel Enthusiasts Facebook Group requesting gravel training routes around the state that I could share with those that want to start their training early this year.  I received several recommendations and I've contacted some of my gravel riding friends for their routes to share also.  Below I will have maps and links to these rides sectioned by areas of the state.

Some of these routes have been submitted by users and not tested by me, so ride at your own risk. Bring everything with you that you will need to be self-supportive to get you back to your starting point.  Also, bring plenty of food and water as there may not be any places along the way to get these items.  Please do not litter.  If nature calls during your ride, do not answer it in front of the locals.   You may experience aggressive dogs on country roads so be prepared and know how to handle the situation.

Twin Cities Area

Welch East/North Loop Gravel Training Ride
Chris Chavie

Dirty Girl Skittles and M&M's Gravel Ride (Long Route)
Chris Chavie

Hampton/Farmington/Empire/Vermillion Loop
Chris Chavie

Miesville Grinder
Marsh Jones

Welch South/East/North Loops
Chris Chavie

Southern Minnesota

Shady Lane Trail/Area 57 Gravel 100k
Bruce Anderson

Camp Winona/Jasper/Cody Lake/Union Lake Trails
Bruce Anderson

Rose Cemetery/Scotia Trail/High Prairie Trail 50k
Bruce Anderson

All the Good Stuff Gravel Century
Bruce Anderson

Thanks to everyone who contributed their routes for these last four posts. You have opened a whole new world of local and regional gravel opportunities to those that want to try gravel, prepare for that upcoming ride or race and you provided some challenging routes for those training for the Almanzo races.

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