New Riding Gravel Forum Provides a Place to Talk "Gravel"

From Colorado comes a new website created for those that are interested in the gravel riding scene.  Riding Gravel is for the gravel enthusiast or anyone interested in what has been termed as "not quite mountain biking and not really road cycling".  Whether you're a rider, racer, commuter, enjoy touring or gentleman's rides, this is the place for anything "off-pavement".

While the Riding Gravel website is more Colorado specific, the Riding Gravel Forum is not.  It is a place for anyone to discuss what interests them about this increasingly popular style of cycling.  The forum contains general discussion topics that include Bikes, Components, Accessories, Gravel Racing and is also a place to share your gravel adventures and photos.

Beyond the General Discussion section is the Regions section that has state specific gravel discussion topics.  So far Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and New England provide a place to start or reply to a thread about local races, places to ride and to post race or ride photos and links.

There is even a classifieds section for those looking to buy or sell frames and bikes, components or to start a thread if looking for something specific.

Whether you're a long time gravel enthusiast, racer or a newbie, you are invited to join the Riding Gravel Forum and share your knowledge, experiences and photos with others that like to crush gravel.  Join in on the conversation or start a topic today.  Stay up to date on all things gravel by liking Riding Gravel on Facebook or following on Twitter.

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