MRRT Update: Pine Bend Bluffs Segment Nearing Completion

Most of the southern half of the Pine Bend Bluffs segment of the Mississippi River Regional Trail has been paved and is nearing completion.  Placing top soil and grading work continue along the sides of the trail in preparation for seeding.  A lot of progress has been made since my last report and the photos below will detail completed work and what is still to be done.  The photos will chronicle the trail from 117th St. E northward to 111th St. E. at intervals to show the full length of this 1.1 mile segment.

Below is the section of trail to still be paved.  This is part of the 300' section I mentioned in the last post that was unclear on the placement and paving of it.

It does appear that it may get paved soon by the markers that are in place.  Fence, edge of trail, guard rail and back of curb markers are place along this section indicating trail placement.

Just past this point is one of two scenic overlooks that provide great views of the river, Baldwin Lake and the Mississippi River Valley.

The next series of photos show the trail as it meanders along the edge of the bluffs and deep wooded ravines.

At this point is the second scenic overlook with a viewing platform off the trail.  This overlook provides the best view of the valley, you can see for miles here.

The trail continues on past the scenic overlook winding through the woods and meeting up with the finished northern half of the Pine Bend Bluffs segment of trail.

I ventured my way back to 117th St. E. and plotted the trail with my phone's GPS to show the course it actually takes.  Below is a screenshot showing the direction and elevation of the trail.

On my way back I encountered these guys.  I'm sure there will be a lot of sightings for those that use the trail with all of the wildlife habitat nearby.  The Pine Bend Bluffs Scientific and Natural Area is one of the most undisturbed areas in the Twin Cities.

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