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Minnesota is known as the "Bike Friendly State" and there are quite a few good blogs about biking in this great state to keep you informed.  They cover everything from road cycling, mountain biking, fat tire bikes, bike advocacy, traffic and bicycle infrastructure, cyclist's personal experiences and even the weather as it relates to biking.  I will post a series highlighting some of the blogs that I follow regularly that you may want to check out or subscribe to.

The Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists (MORC) brought a new informative feature to their website back in April which cyclists of all types will find useful,  The MORC Weather Blog.  It is written by avid mountain biker and meteorologist Kristin Clark.  This blog has allowed her to combine two things she loves, weather and cycling.  When Kristin isn't mountain biking or keeping us up to date on the MORC Weather Blog, she is an on-air meteorologist for WeatherNation TV  which is a 24/7 national weather channel based here in Minneapolis.  WeatherNation TV can be found on cable channel 11.2 in the Twin Cities.

Kristen is no stranger to cycling.  She raced on the collegiate level as a member of the Penn State University Cycling Club, has mountain biked across Costa Rica, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and settled here in Minnesota which she thinks has "killer mountain biking".

Kristin mixes her knowledge of cycling with weather to give cyclists the information they need for planning accordingly for their next ride.  She breaks down the science behind the weather in an easy to understand format with pictures, graphs and charts.  Mountain bikers will find her blog especially useful since the sport relies a lot on the weather for favorable singletrack conditions.

One feature of the MORC Weather Blog called Cyclecast will give readers a quick five day weather outlook so they can plan the best days to head out on the bike and how the weather will impact trail conditions.  Combine this with MORC's Trail Conditions forum for up to date trail conditions and closures from MORC members who have been out on the trails.

Keep up on all of the latest weather conditions by subscribing to the MORC Weather Blog via RSS Feed, or visit Morcmtb.org/weather.  Follow Kristin Clark on Twitter @KclarkWNTV, and follow MORC's Trail Conditions @trailconditions.

I found the easiest way to keep up on all of the latest content for the blogs I read is to use a RSS reader client such as Google Reader or Flipboard.  These allow you to put together all of the blogs you read into one convenient place.  There are a lot of RSS readers that work with desktop computers and smartphones so pick the one that best suits your needs.  Soon I will bring to you another Minnesota bike blog worth reading.

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