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Do you have a cycling event that you would like listed on one of my event posts?  Questions or comments about a post?  Have a cycling accessory you would like for me to try out and review?  Or would like to just bring something to my attention, contact me at one of the above links.


  1. Thanks for putting this information together. My daughter just learned to ride without training wheels. I bought my first bike in over 20 years. We have only lived in MN for about 2.5 years and aren't as familiar with things like where to go biking. Our neighborhood doesn't have sidewalk area and I've been scouring the internet for days trying to figure out where to take her for safe, paved bike rides. Your website has been a huge help. So glad I finally stumbled across it.

  2. Great website! Thanks for all of the work!

  3. Thanks for the coverage for the 2014 Minnesota Ironman launch. We appreciate the help.


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