Field Tested Cycling Gifts-Part 2

When it comes to cycling gear and accessories I'm always looking for something new that is functional and improves my ride.  I have field tested a lot of products over the years and found items that worked great and others that didn't.  This part-two post will highlight some products that met or exceeded my expectations and would make great gifts for the cyclist (or yourself) on your holiday shopping list.

Yeti Rambler with Chug Cap

I've been using the 18 oz. Yeti Rambler as my go-to winter water bottle for a couple of seasons now.  Its double-wall vacuum insulated design keeps my water from freezing up in subzero temperatures and ice cold for hours during the heat of the summer.  Yeti introduced the Chug Cap accessory for the Rambler which makes it even easier to take a swig out on the trail.

The 18 oz. Rambler fits perfectly in any standard water bottle cage making it a great choice for cyclists.  The 18 oz. Rambler sells for $29.99 and Chug Cap for $9.99 and both are available from Yeti, outdoor and sporting goods retailers.

Ass Savers

Ass Savers are lightweight portable fenders that attach to saddle rails without the use of any tools.  The Flip-Tip attachment system keeps it locked on securely and fits just about any standard rail saddle and even works with a saddle bag in place.  Its simple design is meant to do one thing, and that is to keep your butt dry for comfort on cold wet rides.

I purchased the Ass Saver Regular to use on my road bike for the wet fall riding season and it got its first real world test at this year's wet and snowy Filthy 50 gravel race.  While it wasn't long enough to keep some of the water and gravel slop off my back, it did its job well keeping my butt dry.  It's compact enough where if there's a chance of rain during a ride, I will store it in my frame bag and install it in seconds if needed.  The Ass Saver Regular fits tire widths between 25-35mm and is available from Zeitbike and Amazon for $11.95.

Bontrager Storage Bottle

The Bontrager Storage Bottle is a great way to carry tools and a flat kit stored in any standard water bottle cage.  It's always on my bike so I have everything I need in the event of a flat or mechanical problem.  It has a screw top lid for easy opening and padded inside to keep your things from noisily bouncing around.

For its small size it can hold a lot.  I keep my multi-tool, tire levers, chainbreaker, chain lube and CO2 cartridges with inflator stored in it.  When switching bikes, I grab the Storage Bottle from one and transfer it to the other and I'm ready to roll with all my essentials.  The Bontrager Storage Bottle is available from Trek and Trek Authorized Dealers for $6.99.

Banjo Brothers Large Top Tube Pack

The Banjo Brothers Large Top Tube Bag is a staple cockpit accessory on my road bike whether I'm heading out for a few hours on the gravel or a short commute to work.  This "gas-tank" style top tube bag has 65 cubic inches of storage with a rigid bottom and padded sides to hold its shape.  It's big enough to hold my wallet, keys and cell phone or a multi-tool and flat kit.  The zipper is easy to open and close with one hand while riding making this bag a great place to store gels and snacks for refueling during a ride.  Available from Banjo Brothers and local bike shops for $19.99.

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