Bike Jacket First Impressions

Since getting my first tray rack bike rack (Saris SuperClamp) a couple of years ago, I have had the problem of road grime and salt getting all over my drivetrain, wheels and cables causing problems and corrosion.  I would have to immediately rinse my bike down with warm water as soon as I got home to prevent further damage.  There is now a new product called the Bike Jacket that eliminates this hassle and protects valuable wheels and components during winter driving.

Getting to and from the trailhead with your fatbike on a tray-style rack in snowy or wet road conditions can really make a mess of your bike.  Bike Jacket owner Amy Middleton had experienced this problem and came up with a solution for it.  The Bike Jacket comes in two sizes to fit most fatbike wheel/tire combinations.  Regular fits tires up to 26"x 4.5" and Large fits tires 26"x 4.5" to 27.5" x 4.5".

Studded tires could tear up conventional materials but Amy had this in mind during manufacturing.  Go ahead and put your studded tires in the Bike Jacket, it's durable lining can handle it.

Even with a suspension fork, the Bike Jacket fits. Simply zip the zipper around the wheel and and secure the hook and loop fastener behind the fork for a custom fit.

Protecting the drivetrain is key when using the Bike Jacket, it completely covers the wheel, cassette and front chainring from any road grime and salt.

As you can see by the above picture, both brake lights and the license plate are easily visible using the Bike Jacket. When covering your back wheel and drivetrain, make sure to secure the Bike Jacket using the hook and loop fasteners in a way so that it doesn't cover your license plate.

When not in use or after hosing off to clean, simply hang the Bike Jacket up to dry and store.

Fatbike wheels and components are expensive and the Bike Jacket is a great way to protect your investment.  Not only is it good for Winter but will also get plenty of use during the transitional periods during the Fall and Spring when the roads can get a bit messy.  The Bike Jacket is available from BikeJacket.net for $299.00 and can be shipped anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Disclosure:  Bike Jacket provided a sample to use for this article but offered no other form of compensation for this review.


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