Lake MXZ 400 Winter Cycling Boot First Impressions

Almost a year after being shown a prototype of the new Lake MXZ 400 I finally got a chance to test them out a few times before Winter faded away.  This is Lake's warmest boot since the introduction of the MXZ 303.  Some of the features this boot provides set it apart from other winter cycling boots on the market.

The outsole is made from sub-zero rated rubber that has seven ice grip inserts for better traction on slippery surfaces.  There are also two studs at the front of the outsole to bite into ice.  I rode a lot of ice this Winter and having these boots on definitely made a difference when dismounting or putting a foot down to keep the bike up.

For night riding these boots have plenty of reflective areas on the front and back to get you seen.  The bio-motion of pedaling will get the attention of motorists.  The tongue and and side mounted IP1 Boa lacing system really lets me dial in the perfect fit whether I'm wearing a thin sock or a thick wool one.  Getting in and out of these boots is a breeze because of the Boa lacing.

The 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation "built on a cycling specific winter last" and Outlast SmartFabric Technology is what makes these boots retain and regulate heat keeping my feet warm for a longer period of time in the extreme cold.  My feet get cold easily and the Lake MXZ 400 passed my initial testing for warmth and comfort.

There is plenty of space in the toe box to keep proper circulation and the Syks√≥l insole provides cushion and comfort when riding or walking. 

To round off the whole package, the Lake MXZ 400 boot has Pittards WR100 & Helcor abrasion resistant leather, a waterproof membrane in addition to the breathable, water-resistant upper.  Simply put, this is one warm and comfortable winter cycling boot.  I just wish Winter hadn't left us so early so I could have ridden more and tested them out is some truly sub-zero temperatures for a longer duration.  Look for a full review on MN Bike Trail Navigator next Winter when I have had adequate time to put them through some more testing in a wide variety of Minnesota Winter weather conditions.


  1. Chris:

    How much did you go up from your summer shoe size? I have a pair of MXZ 302x which I bought about 7 years ago and I went up two sizes. I currently wear a MXZ 237 in a 45. Thanks for your time.

    1. My summer shoes are a 42 and my boots are a 44.


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