Product Review: All Mountain Style Frame Guard

The All Mountain Style Frame Guard is a product I came across last fall that offers protection for a bike's frame and paint.  It is made from high impact and rub resistance honeycomb 380 microns semi-rigid PVC and stays in place with an automotive-grade adhesive.  Its simple design and ease of installation peaked my curiosity and I wanted to put it to the test on a fatbike during a harsh Minnesota winter and spring.  This would give me an idea of its frame protection performance and how it stands up to the elements year round.  The AMS Frame Guard would be put through some extreme riding conditions including sub-zero temperatures, ice, snow, mud and wet gravel.  Would it stay put without peeling off and would it protect the bike's frame and paint job?  Only time would tell.

Installation of the AMS Frame Guard was very easy and didn't take long.  I cleaned and prepped the application areas with alcohol proceeded to apply the appropriate pieces.  Each piece conformed nicely to the curvature of the bike frame and the adhesive allowed repositioning if needed.  The down tube extension pieces make for a custom fit on many different frame sizes.  Bottle cage bolts were easily trimmed around with a sharp knife.  Firmly pressing and rubbing on the installed pieces worked all of the air bubbles out providing full contact and the clear frame guards almost disappeared except for their honeycomb pattern.  From a distance, you wouldn't even notice them on the bike.

I also installed the pieces designed to go on the drive side chainstay and trimmed pieces to be placed on brake and shifter cable rubbing points.

After a long, cold winter and quite a few messy spring gravel rides, the AMS Frame Guards did the job at protecting the paint and frame.  There were no impact marks, chips, scratches or rub marks on the covered areas.  Throughout all of the wet conditions experienced, the AMS Frame Guards stayed securely adhered to the frame without any peeling or signs of coming loose along their edges.

If you want to protect your mountain bike or fatbike, then the All Mountain Style Frame Guard is what you are looking for to do the job.  They come in regular or XL for larger diameter frame tubes in clear, black or XLFluor/Neon colors with 10 parts for a custom fit.  AMS Frame Guards can be purchased from the All Mountain Style website and include free shipping.

Disclosure:  All Mountain Style provided the review sample for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review.

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