Product Review: Sky Mounti Inclinometer

The Sky Mounti Inclinometer is basically a carpenters level that attaches to the handlebars helping a cyclist determine how steep a climb or descent really is.  I enjoy riding some pretty hilly terrain and this tool gives me a pretty good reading to satisfy my curiosity on the big hills. It may not give the most accurate reading all the time because of road vibration, acceleration/braking or suspension fork movement but will provide a pretty close degree of incline or decline.   

Mounting and calibrating the inclinometer were pretty easy, but did require a rubber spacer to fit my bars properly.  Once I had it secure but not fully tightened, I adjusted it with my bike on a level garage floor until the bubble was in the middle of the level.  Then the screws were tightened being careful not to over tighten them to avoid cracking the plastic mount.  Recalibration may be needed from time to time due to vibration or the unit being bumped.

While riding, the Sky Mounti Inclinometer is easy to read with its high visibility yellow background and well spaced hash marks.  For the truest reading it is probably best to stop and see where the bubble rests or just keep riding to get a ballpark result.   I compared its results on my steepest climb and descent on a recent ride with that of the the GPS reading from the Runtastic Road Bike Pro app.  I found that they were within a degree or two and that's close enough for me.

The Sky Mounti Inclinometer worked sufficiently for what I needed it for.  It doesn't give a 100% accurate reading but did give me a pretty close idea of the degree of incline on some big hills I climbed.  If you ride a lot of flat terrain, this product isn't for you, but for those that like to challenge themselves vertically, knowing the degree of incline is kind of nice.

The Sky Mounti Inclinometer is available for 26.0 mm and 31.8 mm bar diameters and has a scale ranging from +27/-15-percent.  It can be purchased from Cantitoe Road or Amazon for around $20-$25.

Disclosure:  Cantitoe Road provided the review sample for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review.

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