Show Your Support For Biking and Sign Up For the National Bike Challenge

The 2012 Get Up & Ride National Bike Challenge is a free program sponsored by Kimberly-Clark, The League of American Bicyclists, Bikes Belong Coalition and Endomondo.  Its goal is to unite 50,000 people to bike 10 Million miles from May 1st through August 31st.

Joining is easy and so is logging your miles.  Sign up at the National Bike Challenge website by clicking the "Join" button.  It's even easier if you already have an Endomondo account.  Watch the video below to find out how to sign up and create a team and invite friends to join your team.


If you have a smartphone you will need to download the Endomondo app to log your miles.  You can also log your miles manually if you choose to do so.  A Prize Program will be implemented throughout the challenge.  For an overview of The National Bike Challenge, I have included the video below.

Sign up today and you can register to ride solo, start a team or join an existing team.  For more information see the Official Rules page or the FAQ page of The National Bike Challenge website.  Get out there, accept the challenge and log some miles this summer.

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