GPS Ride Tracking

With today's smartphones, it makes it easier than ever to map your rides complete with statistics. There are quite a few apps out there that do this quite nicely. One that I have recently discovered is Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro. This convenient little app is available for all of the major smartphone operating systems. I use it on an Android phone.
This app is loaded with features, but the ones I use most are the live GPS map tracking, live workout stats, tracking my personal bests and posting my ride summaries to Endomondo.com for future reference. It seems to be a very stable app, at least on an Android device, and it does have users singing it's praises in reviews. I particularly like it's simple and easy to read user interface which comes in handy when viewing while riding. There are a lot of handlebar mounts for smartphones of all makes and sizes, so take advantage of this great app's features for tracking your next ride.

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