Dirty Girl Adventure Gravel Ride Welcomes Women To Try Gravel

Ride Like a Girl Cycling is hosting a women's only gravel ride that is a great opportunity for gravel veterans and newbies alike.  The Dirty Girl Adventure Gravel Ride takes place on Sunday, August 23rd where it will start and finish at the House of Coates in Coates. This free ride is a 30 mile trip that will take riders on a variety of surfaces including gravel, sand, dirt, mud and pavement through some beautiful countryside.

Ride starts off from the House of Coates and goes into UMore Park taking riders past old buildings and 4 and 5-tower coal power plants that were once part of the Gopher Works Ordinance Plant during WWII.  From there it takes riders into the Vermillion Highlands on gravel roads

 Next up is the Minimum Maintenance Road that leads to a short ride on pavement followed by a long stretch of gravel. 

A 2-mile stretch of pavement brings riders to gravel again on Blaine Avenue which turns into a 1.8 mile stretch of "No Motorized Vehicles" doubletrack through the woods and fields of UMore Park. 

Finally, a half mile doubletrack "No Motorized Vehicles" road through the woods that puts riders out on Co. Rd. 46 for a one mile paved ride back to the House of Coates.

Cyclocross, mountain and fatbikes are recommended for this ride, though road bikes can be used with wider tires (32c and larger).  Bring the necessary water needed as there are no places along the way to refill.  Cuesheets, gpx and tcx files will available in the weeks before the ride for navigation of the route.  Rider support will be provided by the Penn Cycle Support Ambulance.

Stick around at the House of Coates after the ride for burgers, beer, prizes and giveaways.  RSVP on the Facebook Event Page by signing in to Facebook and selecting "Join" so the necessary arrangements can be made by the House of Coates and for ride support.  Once again, this is a women's only ride, sorry guys.

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