2013 Minnesota State Bicycle Map Now Available

I saw this the other day on Twitter from Meet Minneapolis verifying that the long awaited 2013 Minnesota State Bicycle Map is finally available.  This is the first new statewide bicycle map produced by the Minnesota Department of Transportation since 2001.

Last year MN/DOT requested feedback from cyclists who ride in Minnesota and more than 2000 responded stating what is most important to display on the new map.  MN/DOT's goal for the Statewide Bicycle Planning Study was to facilitate "the development of a new state bicycle map which provides a statewide picture of bicycle accommodations in Minnesota to make it easier for people to plan longer distance bicycle trips in the state".   

The print version is now available for free and can be ordered from the Explore Minnesota website.  This new map includes Minnesota's bicycle-friendly roads but does not contain paved trails.  For maps of paved trails, visit any of the four Maps Links pages (Twin Cities Area, Southern MN, Central MN and Northern MN) on MN Bike Trail Navigator or the Bicycling in Minnesota Maps page on the MN/DOT website.  An electronic and printable version of the new statewide map should be available soon.

Visit the Explore Minnesota website to get your free copy of the 2013 Minnesota State Bicycle Map.  Simply check the box illustrated in the screen capture image above, fill out the mailing information form and one will be sent to you.  While you are there, order some of the other free State Publications or Regional Publications  to assist you with planning bike rides around the state.


  1. Thanks for the tip (and the great blog). Weird that they didn't include paved trails, but I'm looking forward to the map.

    1. The map was put together by the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation, that's why it only includes roads. It is basically a highway map for bicycles. Trails fall under other jurisdictions (MN DNR, city, county, etc.).

  2. Thanks for this info Chris!!
    Pedal On!!


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