2WheelWeather Providing CycleCast For the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride

Meteorologist and avid cyclist Kristin Clark will be providing her 2WheelWeather CycleCast services for Minnesota's longest running century ride, the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride (MIBR).  These hyper-local forecasts will be updated in the days leading up to the MIBR and be valuable to cyclists with their detailed weather information for the St. Croix River Valley.

Kristin has provided her 2WheelWeather CycleCast for events that heavily rely on knowing the weather.  These have included the Fatbike Frozen Forty, Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout, currently the Trans Iowa V9 and the T.I. V9 CycleCast on Mountain Bike Radio.

Here's what Kristin had to say about the MIBR CycleCast.

"Every Ironman rider has a story and almost every story involves the weather.  Over its 47-year history, the Ironman Bicycle Ride has gained quite the reputation for showcasing Minnesota’s wide array of weather. From sweltering heat to snowy streets, the weather can add it’s own element of difficulty and riders need to be prepared.
The MIBR CycleCast will take the guesswork out of the weather by providing riders with a highly detailed, hyperlocal ride forecast. As a biker and a meteorologist, I take my scientific background along with my knowledge of biking to better inform cyclists of the weather they will likely face along the Scenic St. Croix River Valley.  

There's no denying that weather affects everything we do, especially when it comes to cycling!  Hoping that the MIBR CycleCast can be your home for all your cycling weather needs. Best of luck to all the Ironman riders!"

The CycleCast provided by 2WheelWeather for the MIBR will include all of the details below and will posted on ironmanbikeride.org & 2WheelWeather.com.
  • 3 days prior to race - Video forecast - This will be 2-5min hyper-local, geography driven weather forecast specifically for the ride. It will include many graphics and me specifically. Just like you would see me if you were watching me on WeatherNation TV.
  • 24 hr after race follow-up - Blog forecast (Post-Race Weather Round Up)
What to wear for a ride that is known as the best organized with the worst weather is crucial to being prepared for the elements and remain comfortable. Coach Bob from Total Cycling Performance has put together a list of things to consider, as well as some recommendations in choosing the proper clothing in a post entitled "A Simple Question:  What to Wear?".

Check Kristin's CycleCasts and video forecast so you are prepared for what the weather has in store for the MIBR.

If you are a race, ride or event organizer that is interested in 2WheelWeather's forecasting services, contact Kristin directly at kristin@2wheelweather.com.

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