Progress Being Made on the Pine Bend Bluffs & Central Segments of the Mississippi River Regional Trail

I have been following the reports on the progress of the Mississippi River Regional Trail in Dakota County for over a year now and have become quite familiar with the project.  I wanted to see for myself the stages of completion of the Pine Bend Bluffs segment and the Central segment that connect to the existing MRRT trail.  So I brought along my camera to document the construction of the trail to share with my readers.

Map 1
I started down Cahill Avenue in Inver Grove Heights and followed the existing completed trail.  I found the new section of trail south of Tractor Supply Company that traveled to the Pine Bend Elementary School on Inver Grove Trail.  I have indicated this new trail segment with yellow dots on Map 1.  This is where the trail ended and the Central segment construction began. 

I stopped at the intersection of 100th St. E & Inver Grove Trail to take a few photos of the Central segment trail construction.  The vantage point is marked by the #1 on Map 2 below the photos.

Map 2

The next group of photos were taken from vantage point #2 shown on Map 2 above.

There is an existing trail that starts here on the other side of Courthouse Blvd E. and travels south one half mile to the beginning of the Pine Bend Bluffs section of the trail.  Use Map 3 below as a vantage point reference for the next nine photos.

Map 3

The paving appears to be completed from vantage point 1 connecting to vantage point 3 where minor grading and placing of topsoil on the shoulder of the trail are being done.

Vantage Point #1
Vantage Point #2
Vantage Point #3
Vantage Point #3
Vantage Point #3
Vantage Point #3

Vantage point #3 is where the paved section of trail ends and preparation for paving of the next segment continuing south begins.  These photos were taken from Vantage point #4.

In the southern part of the Pine Bend Bluffs segment on 117th St. E. there is a section that is paved from here to the Rosemount border. The section from 111th St. E to 117th St. E. is prepared and is scheduled for paving between Sept. 21st and 29th.

Map 4

These photos of the paved section to the Rosemount border are taken from Vantage point #1 on map 4 above.

These photos of the trail being prepared for paving were taken from Vantage points #2 & #3 on map 4 above.

Vantage Point #2
Vantage Point #2
Vantage Point #3
Vantage Point #3

It appears as construction of these two segments of the Mississippi River Regional Trail should be completed this fall providing the weather cooperates.  When completed and opened for use, trail users will be able to travel from the Rosemount Border all the way to Kaposia Park in South St. Paul.  The Rosemount segment will be constructed in 2013 and the Spring Lake Park segments will not be completed until 2014.  When all is done, the MRRT will link Hastings with South St. Paul and I'm looking forward to taking the 27 mile trip.

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