Put Your Mountain Biking Skills and Speed to the Test at Afton Alps

Afton Alps is well known as one of Minnesota's premier ski areas, but it also has some of the Twin Cities' best mountain biking.  With over seven miles of intermediate and advanced trails that travel through the woods and slopes of the ski area, this is one stop that more experienced mountain bikers and racers will want to go to this summer.

When you first arrive at Afton Alps you will want to go directly to the Golf Clubhouse, also known as the Highlands Chalet.  Here you can buy your day or season pass and pick up a map to help you navigate through the numerous trails.  A day pass is $9 and a season pass is $110 (helmets are required).  Afton Alps Mountain Biking page

The ride starts out by heading down the ski slope behind the clubhouse.  The first thing you'll notice is how clearly all of the trails are marked with direction markers and trail names.  The trails are broken down into 3 course routes by skill level:  Citizen, Sport and Expert.  The Citizen route mostly follows the primary trail.  The Sport and Expert trails branch off the Citizen trail for a more challenging ride.

These trails don't contain the technical aspects that other mountain biking trails have such as skinnies, stumps, logs or jumps, but it does have plenty of rocks, roots and hairpin turns to test your skills.  There are fast descents, leg burning climbs and narrow passages to challenge even the most experienced mountain biker's abilities. 

If you are into mountain bike racing, Afton Alps is a great training ground to get you ready for your next race.  An annual cross country mountain bike race that is called the Freewheel Frolic is part of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series and will be held here on May 20th, 2012.  Come watch the Experts and the Pros compete or race the Citizen Course in the Citizen Race.

Mountain biking the slopes of Afton Alps is a great escape from boring, flat singletrack trails.  Its setting in the scenic St. Croix River Valley provides great views, varied terrain and an occasional run in with the area wildlife.  These are some of the best singletracks in the Twin Cities area and should not be overlooked.  Call 651-436-1320 for trail conditions and more information.

Trail Photo Gallery: Afton Alps


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