Product Review: CatEye Strada Smart Package

CatEye Strada Smart Package

CatEye introduced the Strada Smart late last year as a cycling computer that connects to your smartphone with the CatEye Cycling App (iPhone & Android) and also to optional Bluetooth Smart sensors.  With the Strada Smart mounted on the bars a smartphone can be safely tucked away in a pocket or bag while recording your ride data. 


There are two modes that can be used while riding, Mirror Mode and Sensor Direct Mode.  Mirror Mode uses ride data from the smartphone with the CatEye Cycling App and transmits it to the Strada Smart.  Gps from the smartphone records speed, distance and altitude.  Email, text messages and calls from the smartphone are displayed as alerts on the Strada Smart when in mirror mode.  Optional Bluetooth Smart sensors can also be used in this mode to record and display cadence, heart rate and power.

Display data on the Strada Smart in Sensor Direct Mode using optional Bluetooth Smart speed/cadence, heart rate and power sensors without the use of a smartphone.

Now that you know how the Strada Smart works, I can share my user experiences with you.  I have had a lot of time and many miles of rides to thoroughly test this product out and one of my favorite applications for the Strada Smart was using it on my fatbike in Mirror Mode.  I could have bike computer ride stats in real time without having a sensor/magnet mounted.  Sometimes spacing from the fork to the spokes can be an issue using standard bike computers for speed and distance. Since the Strada Smart is  paired with my smartphone no sensors are needed.  Speed and distance stats are displayed as well as avg. speed, max speed and elapsed time.

The Strada Smart is easy to read and the alert features are a nice addition when paired with a smartphone.  It would display an icon when I was receiving a call, had text message or new email.  This allowed me to know someone was trying to get in touch with me while I was riding and I could call them back or reply to their text at my next stop.  When connected to a smartphone or optional sensors, an icon displays that connection.  Notice it is connected to a speed/cadence sensor and a smartphone in the picture.

I set up the speed/cadence sensor on my gravel bike which allowed me to use the Strada Smart with or without my smartphone.  Pairing was easy and the connection without using a smartphone was good.  I did however have some problems losing the connection between the speed/cadence sensor and the Strada Smart during longer breaks or pauses during a ride.  Paring the speed/cadence sensor and the Strada Smart with my smartphone using the CatEye Cycling App was also very easy and took no time at all.

The CatEye Cycling app has a nice layout of ride data summaries including a ride map, ride statistics and a graph containing altitude, speed and heart rate or cadence (when those sensors are used).

Uploading your ride activities is quick and easy.  When using the app select the finish flag icon at the end of recording a ride and a Save & Upload screen appears to name the ride.  Then upload to your Strava, CatEye Atlas or TrainingPeaks account by selecting the Save & Upload icon.  Facebook and Twitter sharing is also available on this screen.

I have really come to like the functionality of the Strada Smart on both my fatbike (without speed/cadence sensor) and commuter/gravel bike (with speed/cadence sensor).  It is now standard equipment on all of my rides and works flawlessly with the CatEye Cycling app on my smartphone.  With its Bluetooth Smart connection from smartphone to computer, battery drain is relatively small.   

The Strada Smart is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C and 5 running iOS 8.0-8.4 and 9.  For Android phones running Android 4.4 or above and Bluetooth 4.0 check the Cateye Cycling Recommended Devices page for compatibility.  I used the Strada Smart Package with a Galaxy S4 (Android 4.4) and a Galaxy S6 (Android 5.1) for testing without any compatibility problems.

The CatEye Strada is available in several package options, the Strada Smart for $80, Strada Smart Package  (speed/cadence sensor) for $140 and Strada Smart Bundle (speed/cadence & heart rate sensors) for $210 from Penn Cycle and other fine bike shops.

Disclosure:  RP Active Sports on behalf of CatEye Co. LTD provided the review sample to me at a reduced price for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review.

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