GeigerRig Introduces Nano Technology to Their Pressurized Hydration Pack Engine

I was first introduced to GeigerRig's pressurized hydration packs two years ago at Interbike during a demonstration of how their Hydration Pack Engine works.  I wanted to put one of their hydration packs to the test and see how it performed so I contacted them and they sent me one to review.  I used it for an entire Summer on numerous gravel rides/races, mountain biking and commuting to work before writing my review.

Their pressurized Hydration Pack Engine, plug and play connectivity, ease of cleaning and quality of the pack itself made it the only hydration pack that I continue to use.  When I was contacted by GeigerRig earlier this year about trying their new Nano Technology (Nano Drink Tube) I was very interested in doing so.

The short video below explains how GeigerRig Nano Technology works.

I received a GeigerRig Lightweight Rig hydration pack made with Heavy Duty 840 Ballistic Nylon, the new Nano Drink Tube and a 2L Hydration Pack Engine.   The small size of the Rig pack would turn out to be a perfect choice for gravel racing and mountain bike rides for hydration only and not carrying gear.  The Rig is big enough however to hold the 70 oz. Hydration Pack Engine and some energy snacks for the ride.  The plug and play connections on the Hydration Pack Engine and the Nano Drink Tube had me ready to use the pack in no time.

The Nano Drink Tube is one-third the diameter of standard drink tubes at only 4mm.  Because the Hydration Pack Engine is pressurized, this tiny tube has the ability to deliver fluid at a fast rate.  There is no control flow on the end valve (shown above) but it does have a Flow-control gate (shown below) that can be positioned anywhere along the tube for easy reach.  This Flow-control gate allows open flow, moderate flow and a drip setting depending on which I prefer.  

The tube is easily routed to a desired position making it perfect for biking.  The Poplock locking clip helps keep the tube in place by attaching to clothing or pack straps.  Once the pack is pressurized with a few pumps of the Power Bulb I'm ready to put the end valve in between my cheek and gum and set the Flow-control gate to the desired flow rate.

The end valve is small along with the tube so talking and breathing while using it is not a problem.  I like the flexibility of the Flow-control gate where I control the fluid rate.  Usually on hot days I will set it at a drip or moderate flow that keeps me hydrated without having to think about it.  During a break in the ride or when I need more fluids I will adjust to an open flow until my thirst is quenched.  When not in use I will simply tuck the tube end under the shoulder strap connector so I can quickly grab it when I need to hydrate.

GeigerRig's pressurized hydration system pack with the Nano Drink Tube keeps me hydrated throughout the ride.  With the flexibility of the flow rate, I just ride and get the right amount of fluids I need. 

The GeigerRig Rig Hydration Pack, Hydration Pack Engine and Nano Drink Tube are available on the Geigerrig website and at select dealers

Disclosure:  GeigerRig provided the review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review.

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