MN Group Bike Rides Facebook Group Brings Minnesota Cyclists Together to Ride

With the success of the MN Fatbike Group Rides Facebook group connecting cyclists to ride fatbikes together this past Winter, I was asked by several members of the group if I would create another one for warm weather riding.  This new Facebook group encompasses all types of group rides including Road, Gravel and Off-Road/MTB.  The new group is MN Group Bike Rides.

This group is intended to bring cyclists in Minnesota together for group rides by providing a place to post them.  The rules to keep content on point are simple:
  • Posts should be about a group ride you are planning or soliciting interest for. These can be Road, Off-Road, Gravel or MTB. 
  • Be clear about the time, mileage drop/no-drop and pace of the ride.
  • Attending a group ride that is not mentioned in this group? Post it.
  • Please include links to more information about the group ride if available (MORC Forum, etc.)
  • Please put post-ride photos/video in the comment section of that listed ride, not as a new post. 
  • Please refer bike related questions/comments to Facebook groups dedicated to that kind of discussion.

Fatbikes are not just for Winter riding.  I would encourage fatbikers planning group rides to continue to post them on the MN Fatbike Group Rides Facebook group.  If gravel riding is your thing, the MN Gravel Enthusiasts Facebook group is a place for anyone looking to ride gravel, share gravel routes, post group rides or events (races, rides, etc.) and to discuss equipment or gravel Q&A. 

Join one of these groups today and get riding with old and new friends.

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