Creating/Sharing Routes & Cue Sheets and Navigating Off-Line Using RideWithGPS

http://ridewithgps.comPlanning a ride/group ride is very easy with RideWithGPS and is my go-to choice because of its many free standard features.  It's an easy to use online mapping tool that was designed with cyclists in mind.  Use it to plan out a ride or to share a route.  I can share my routes on my blog, social media, by creating a PDF map/cue sheet or with other RideWithGPS users by making my maps Public.  To see how easy it is to plan your next ride, watch the "Create a Route" video below for a quick tutorial.

One of the features I like about RideWithGPS when planning group rides is the ability to make a PDF file of the route complete with map, description and cue sheets to share with other riders.  There are many customizable options when creating this PDF file and the tutorials below will show you how it's done.

Another way to share a route is by creating a GPX Track (.gpx) file for use with Garmin units or to be loaded into other mapping sites like MapMyRide, Runtastic or Endomondo for use with a smartphone for navigation.  It is very easy to do, after the route is created and saved click on the "Export" tab and select "GPX Track (.gpx)" and a dialogue box will open and allow saving of the gpx file.

To make it easy for my friends or members of a group ride to download the PDF Map/Cue sheet or gpx file I use Dropbox to share a download link to those files.  This way, by posting the share link on social media or in an email, anyone can download these files for printing or loading into their favorite mapping site/software.  Below is an example of a PDF Map/Cue sheet I recently created for an upcoming Ride Like A Girl Cycling women's gravel ride.

For those using the RideWithGPS app for Android or IOS, voiced turn-by-turn navigation for any route planned on the website is now available.  To make this feature even better, RideWithGPS has released off-line maps for iPhone and Android for rides planned on the website to be navigated using the app without cell service or internet connection.

Sign up and start planning, sharing rides and generating cue sheets today.  For more information on RideWithGPS, visit the FAQ page.  More tutorial videos can be found on the RideWithGPS You Tube channel.

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  1. I think I need to consult with you on taking my LML race into the modern age... I prefer cave man style, but there are easier ways/ save time and money on paper...


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