The Filthy 50 Returns for Second Year & Announces “This Filthy World” Series

After the success and all of the positive feedback that was a part of the inaugural Filthy 50, race organizer Trenton Raygor is bringing it back again this fall.  The second annual Filthy 50 will take place on October 12th in Stewartville, MN on some of the best gravel roads in Olmstead and Filmore county. 

The Details 
  • The Filthy 50 will take place on Sunday, October 12th, 2014.
  • The race begins and ends on the north end of Stewartville, MN.  The start will take place at 10:00 am and riders will have until 4:00 pm to officially finish. 
  • Registration will open on Thursday, March 20th and can be completed quickly online.  Visit The Filthy 50 Registration page and fill out the waiver before the registration deadline or the 600 rider cap is reached.  Registration is FREE again this year and first come will be first served.   
  • This race is completely unsupported, you are responsible for you.  Individuals should bring EVERYTHING that they need for the ride and expect absolutely NOTHING to be provided on race day. 
  • A GPX file will be made available for download to all riders on the roster.  Use this file with your Garmin GPS or smartphone cycling app for navigation along the course.  
  • Elevation profiles of the course will be provided in one form or another to those on this year's roster as well as to the general public through Filthy 50 communication channels. 
  • Days before the ride, those on the roster will be sent race day logistics as well as a printable set of cue sheets that they should print out and carry with them to direct them through The Filthy 50 course.

Image Credit:  Trenton Raygor

The Rules
  • You are 100% on your own.  There is no sag, there is no support for this ride.
  • This ride is unsupported.  Bring EVERYTHING with you that you will need. 
  • Wear a helmet. 
  • Do not litter. 
  • Obey all traffic laws. 
  • If you must urinate, please do not do it in front of the locals or other competitors. 
  • Ride safely and use good judgement. 
  • Have fun. 
  • You are responsible for you. 

"Why unsupported? Why so bare bones?  We have participated in many supported rides over the years.  Many of those rides were difficult prior to even getting onto our bikes.  In the end, we all just want to enjoy ourselves in our own way. Right?  We don't want to fill out a pile of paperwork.  That gets to be a little too much like a day at the office.  Riders who are looking to race a super fun gravel course are going to be pleased with the gravel, terrain, and potential top speeds.  Riders who are looking to crush a colorful fall gravel course are going to be super pleased as well.  Personally, we enjoy doing both." - The Filthy 50 Race organizer Trenton Raygor.


A raffle will be held again this year to help generate funds to cover the cost of The Filthy 50.  Prizes raffled off are donated by these generous sponsors:

ADAM TURMAN - A professional illustrator & poster artist from the Twin Cities.
BANJO BROTHERS - Tough. Practical. Affordable. Bike Bags.
 BICYCLE SPORTS - A full service bike shop in Rochester, MN.
FAREWAY - An economical food store located in Stewartville, MN.
 HED - The best wheels on the planet. Seriously.
 PENN CYCLE - Your Twin Cities bike shop.
 ROCHESTER CYCLING - A Rochester, MN bike shop for all of your bike needs.

Despite this being a free event, it wouldn’t be able to happen as intend without the support of these amazing sponsors and incredible volunteers.   If you are interested in sponsoring or volunteering this year, please send an email to thefilthy50@gmail.com.  You can also show your support by donating to The Filthy 50 through their website.

If you have never done a gravel grinder before or are looking add another race this season, here is your chance.  To quote The Filthy 50 website, "Race it and set a record.  Ride it and take in the beauty.  Either way, get filthy."

Trenton congratulated every racer as they crossed the finish line last year.

As mentioned above, The Filthy 50 is free and online registration opens at 12:00am Thursday, March 20th.  Visit The Filthy 50 Registration page and fill out the waiver to get signed up.  I would encourage gravel enthusiasts and registered riders to follow @thefilthy50 on Twitter and Facebook as updates will be posted in the coming months.  For any and all questions regarding The Filthy 50, drop an email to thefilthy50@gmail.com.

News Release From Trenton

We have had many riders who rode last year’s Filthy share the reason for their enthusiasm over what we do.  First and foremost, riders applauded the course citing that it was tough yet do-able.  It was also great to hear how so many really appreciated that it was a free event.  For us, we were inspired greatly by the young folks that came out to ride with us.  Your thoughts resonated a lot with us and inspired to give a little more in 2014.  So, in addition to hosting another free, challenging yet inclusive Filthy 50, this year, we are holding a series of three additional gravel group rides during the summer months that we are calling “This Filthy World”.  These group rides are all about riding with friends and having a filthy good time!

June:  Gravel Night Lights - Twin Cities metro area
This one’s for all of you night owls out there who like a little bit of gravel riding with your pizza and beer.  This ride is all about the fun!  You’re definitely going to need some lights for this one.
July:  The Little Filthy - Twin Cities metro area
This ride will offer a 5 and a 15 mile gravel route.  Yes, we like the number 5.  As always, everyone is welcome to participate, but we’re hoping to see some little gravel grinders out there in a trailer or on a bike of their own crushing it with mom and/or dad. 

August:  Roman Candles - Southeastern Minnesota
This gravel course is shaping up to be memorable.  Prepare for some climbing and some gorgeous remote roads.  Also, bring your tents, lights, and appetites because there will likely be some post ride food, camping, and night gravel to be had.

All of the above rides will be free.  Registration for these group rides will happen the same way as it does with The Filthy 50.  We know that this announcement lacks specifics, but that’s likely because we’re still working out a few details.  To learn more about those details as we lock em down, keep an eye on http://the-filthy-50.com/ , our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

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