Minnesota Winter Fatbike Group Rides

Do you want to get out and ride with other fatbike enthusiasts in your area?  Group fatbike rides pop up all throughout the winter here in Minnesota and I have listed some of them in this post with links to check for upcoming rides.

Fatties on the River Bottoms

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Image Credit:  Akoy Kalbo
Fatties on the River Bottoms is a weekly fatbike ride at the Minnesota River Bottoms in Bloomington.  It takes place on Saturday mornings at 10am and is open to all riders, fat or skinny.  Rides usually start from the Bloomington Ferry Unit or Lyndale Avenue parking lots.  Distance is usually 15 to 25 miles and rides last up to three hours but have been known to go longer.  Route is typically out and back making it easy for riders that don't want to go the full distance to turn back early.  "This is a no-drop ride so come out no matter what your pace is. It's not about speed, it's about getting a group of fun people together to have a fun ride."  Keep up-to-date on the details for this weekly ride by checking back frequently to the MORC Group Rides Forum.

Maple Grove Cycling Winter Fat-Bike Group Rides

This is a weekly group ride that will run for seven weeks starting January 7th and ending February 18th.  Meet Tuesday nights at 6pm at Maple Grove Cycling.  Rides depart at 6:15pm from the MGC parking lot, loop around the perimeter of Fish Lake (about 6 miles) and return to MGC for hot chocolate and coffee.  This is a no-drop ride with an average speed of about 7-8 miles an hour with rides lasting 1 to 1¼ hours.  All bikes are welcome but studded tires or fatbikes are recommended.   If you don't have a fatbike, MGC has fatbike rentals available.  Helmets and headlights are required.  Visit the MGC Group Rides page, Facebook page or email gus@maplegrovecycling.com for more details.

Michael's Cycles Wednesday Night Fatbike Ride

Michael's Cycles meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm for its group fatbike ride.  Rides typically take place at the Minnesota River Bottoms (35W/Lyndale trailhead) and occasionally at Murphey-Hanrehan Park Reserve.  This is a casual, no-drop ride lasting 1 to 1½ hours covering up to 15 miles of trail.  Helmets and lights are required.  Micheal's Cycles does have rental fatbikes available for these group rides.  Rental is only $20 and they can bring the bike to the trailhead for you.  Night Rider demo lights are also available if you need lighting.  Call the shop at 952-447-2453 for more details or to reserve a fatbike rental and Night Rider demo lights.  Ride information is also posted on the Micheal's Cycles Facebook page and the MORC Group Ride Forum.

Freewheel Bike Sunday Funday Fatbike Ride

Image Credit:  Freewheel Bike
Sunday Funday is a group ride put on by Freewheel Bike that repeats every Sunday throughout the winter.  Meet up at Freewheel Midtown between 9:30-10am, ride departs at 10am.  This is an easy pace, no-drop ride that will "target destinations in Minneapolis that cater to the well-endowed tire crowd".  Rides are led by Jacob Boyce Haskins who is an experienced bikepacker and adventure cyclist.  For more information, visit the Sunday Funday Facebook Event page or call Freewheel Midtown at 612-238-4447.

Nicollet Bike Fatbike Group Ride

Image Credit:  Nicollet Bike Shop
The Nicollet Bike Fatbike Group Ride is held every Thursday starting at 5:30pm and departs from the shop located at 607 N. Riverfront Dr. in Mankato.  Rides are usually 1 to 2 hours in length and the destination is to one of two different MTB trails.  70% of this ride is getting to and from the trails and 30% is off road on the trails.  The ride pace is casual (no-drop) but some basic level of fitness is needed.  These rides will continue into the spring until the snow is gone and the trails become muddy. Nicollet Bike Shop does have a couple fatbikes to try out, call ahead to reserve one.  Helmets and lights are required to participate.  Call the shop at 507-388-9390 or visit the Nicollet Bike Shop Facebook page for more details.

Erik's Fat Tuesday Fatbike Group Ride

Fat Tuesday takes place at 5:30pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month at Carver Lake Park in Woodbury.  This ride is led by Ryan from the Vadnais Heights store and is no-drop, casual to fast depending on rider ability.  Ride distance is about 5 miles and helmets and lights are required.  More information can be found on the Erik's Bike Shop Facebook page or by calling the Vadnais Heights store at 651-415-1233

Boehm's Fatbike Group Ride

Image Credit:  Boehm's
Boehm's fatbike group rides are held every other Saturday starting January 18th.  Rides depart from Boehm's Mendota Heights location at 8am.  This is a casual, no-drop ride that lasts 1½ to 2 hours covering around 15 miles.  Time and distance of the ride may be less for poor trail conditions.  For more information visit the Boehm's Cycling Fitness & Hockey Facebook page or call the Mendota Heights store at 651-454-2066.

Elm Creek Riders Group Ride

Elm Creek Singletrack-Facebook

The Elm Creek Riders meet every Wednesday night for a 6:00pm ride at Elm Creek Park in Champlin.  The group meets at 5:45pm at the Highpoint parking lot.  This is a no-drop ride that welcomes riders from beginner to experienced where the pace is very friendly regrouping in various spots and no one gets left behind.  Ride is one lap (about 10 miles) and usually lasts about 1 to 1½ hours.  Bring lights.

COGGS Monday Night Fatbike Ride

COGGS (Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores) holds its weekly Monday Night Fatbike Ride at various locations in and around Duluth.  Rides start at 6pm and take place at locations like Hartley Park, Lester Park, Piedmont and Minnesota Point Beach.  Keep up-to-date on each week's ride details by visiting the COGGS Monday Group Ride Fourm or the COGGS Facebook page.

If you would like your fatbike group ride listed on this post, send me an email with the following details:
  • Day and time of rides
  • Ride schedule continues through (date, month, etc.)
  • Ride start location
  • Duration and distance of ride
  • Type of ride (casual/fast - drop/no drop)
  • Type of trails or terrain for ride route
  • Helmets and lights required?
  • Fatbike rentals available?
  • More information on group rides can be found at...(Facebook page, website, calling the shop, etc.)

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  1. Thank you! This is info that I've wanted to find other fatties and hang. Hopefully something starts up in the St Cloud area. Thanks again. Ron K


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