Runtastic Mountain Bike App is Full of Useful Features

Runtastic Mountain Bike has been available for Apple's iPhone for over a year now and has just recently added the Android platform.  This feature loaded app is available in a Pro version in the iTunes App Store and a Free & Pro version in Google Play.  I recently downloaded the Pro version to give it a try since I was looking for an app that was accurate at tracking my rides and ride statistics, would allow me to follow created routes and could be used offline in areas with no data coverage.  Runtastic Mountain Bike fit these criteria.


This app is full of the features that will come in handy to the mountain biker. 

ON THE TRAIL (limited features in LITE version):
* Tracking of critical performance statistics from mtb session – duration, distance, altitude, calories, time
* Ride thousands of mountainbike routes, using Route Search (available in-app and on www.runtastic.com)
* Configurable maps: Google Maps and Open Cycle Map
* Offline maps: For off track treks in areas without GSM coverage
* Colored traces (track biking pace, speed, grade, elevation, heart rate)
* Current rate of climb, ratio of gained or lost altitude (downhill) in meters per minute
* Cadence measurement (with additional hardware)
* Heart rate measurement (with additional hardware)
* Dashboard configuration – displays preferred biking statistics
* Automatic pause detection during your trek using ANT+ sensors
* Weather statistics
* LIVE Tracking – track your trail in real time to share with friends
* Voice feedback of performance statistics, motivational messages available in numerous languages
* Take pictures – they'll be saved with your mtb tour overview and velo statistics
* Various Runtastic heart rate monitors
* Runtastic Bike Case for Android Smartphones + accessories
* Runtastic Sports Armband + accessories
AFTER YOUR RIDE (limited features in LITE version):
* Detailed overview of your mtb session with navigation start and end points
* Key metric analysis – altitude, grade, cadence, heart rate, distance, pace
* Interval splits: Analysis and table view from each part of your mountainbike trek
* Detailed post-ride data on time rode uphill, downhill, and flat
* Full velo training history – statistics, graphics, training progress overview
* Share your biking activities and accomplishments on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and via e-mail

I put it to the test on some gravel roads in Welch, MN where I knew there was limited data coverage. I created several maps on the Runtastic website and saved my routes.  The map creation was easy to do and was synced to the app under my Created Routes.  By opening a created routes map, it can be downloaded for offline use.  Not only do the offline maps work well when there is no data coverage, but it will save on battery as well.  The route was highlighted in red and showed my location in real time.  I followed two of my created routes and never missed a turn or got off track.  When riding unfamiliar areas it's nice knowing exactly where you are at on your route.  If you prefer, voice feedback is available during your ride which will speak details such as distance, duration, pace, speed, calories and heart rate, just check the ones you want to hear in the settings menu.

After your ride you can view a summary of all your statistics.  View a map of your ride with start and finish points, elevation changes with colored traces and mileage markers.  The main summary will show all of your ride statistics with multitude of details.  A split table shows your fastest and slowest sections as well as duration, speed and elevation change.  The graph contains details about elevation, speed, pace and heart rate (when used with Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor).  Detailed pie charts show  all of your grade statistics including time and distance spent uphill, flat and downhill and also includes a summary of average and max grades for uphill and downhill.  I had read some reviews that this app was heavy on battery use but after using it for four hours with data turned off using my downloaded route maps with the GPS turned on, I still had 53% battery remaining.  I haven't used the app with data turned on and heavy battery use could be the case in this mode as data use tends to decrease battery life anyway.  Extend battery life by downloading an offline map area where you will be riding and avoid using battery eating data coverage.

So far this app has met all of my expectations and  my ride information is synced on my Runtastic account online for later review.  If you ride a lot of gravel, complex trail networks or areas with limited data coverage, Runtastic Mountain Bike will prove invaluable.


  1. I see you have reviewed several of these tracking programs. Which one is the one you will stick with?

    1. Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro & Road Bike Pro have all of the same features. I have been using Road Bike Pro a lot lately to learn all of them and I will be doing a much more in-depth review in the near future. I have both Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro & Road Bike Pro and use them according to what kind of riding I am doing. As far as the app I will stick with, the Runtastic apps are far superior than any others I have used and I will continue to use them solely. I haven't found a better one to date.

  2. Can you use any heart rate monitor with this app? Thanks in advance.

    1. If you have an Android smartphone running Android 4.3 that is Bluetooth Smart Ready or the Samsung Galaxy S4, any heart rate monitor that is Buletooth Smart should be able to work. iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c should also be able to pair with a heart rate monitor that is Buletooth Smart using the app.

  3. Hi!

    I can´t figure out the real differences between Mountain and Road versions os Runstatic... Can you clarify why we need two Apps? For example, can i use the Road version when riding cross country in unpaved roads?

  4. Hi,
    Where are the offline maps after downloaded for example to manage.


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