Velodroid For Android: A Simple and Accurate Way To Track Ride Statistics

Are you are looking for an easy way to track your rides for statistical analysis with the ability to upload the data to RideWithGPS or Strava, but don't want to shell out $250 to $450 for a Garmin GPS unit?  Do you have an Android smartphone?  Then Velodroid can accomplish this for only $3.15.  Do you want to try before you buy?  Then download Velodroid Free and test it out for 20 rides.  After I tried out the free version for a few rides, it was a no-brainer to upgrade to the paid version.

I have been using this app as a replacement for Endomondo Sport Tracker Pro since the beginning of the year and I am very pleased with the accuracy that the app has.  The developer claims it is the "simplest and most accurate GPS Bike Computer App on the market" and is "generally correct to within 1m, while a normal phone GPS can only promise accuracy to the nearest 30m".  I've compared the mileage difference from my bike computer to the Velodroid app and others (Endomondo Sport Tracker Pro, MapMyRide, My Tracks, etc.) and found it to be the one tracking app that records closest to the actual mileage.  Others I have tested have been off as much as a mile and a half on a 20 mile ride.

 Its large easy to read display makes using it as a bike computer very rider friendly.  All the important bike computer statistics are covered:
  • Current Speed
  • Route Time
  • Trip Distance
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Current Elevation
  • Maximum Elevation
  • Elevation Gain
  • Current Gradiant
  • Maximum Gradiant
Select Metric or Imperial units and if you choose, keep the screen awake during your ride to use the app as a bike computer.

It's a great way to keep track of your ride history and your personal bests.  Just click on a ride or a personal best statistic to load that specific ride.

Velodroid maps out your ride in real time using Google Maps hybrid satellite/map images.  Not sure where you are at? Just check the map and get back on track.  After your ride simply name it and save it.  Your ride summary, map of your track and elevation & distance profile are ready to view.

Uploading a ride to your RideWithGPS account is built right into the app.  RideWithGPS has a bunch of tools to analyze post ride statistics.  For Strava users, a GPX file of your ride can be uploaded to your account via email.  For more information on RideWithGPS or Strava uploading, check out the Velodroid FAQ page.

Interval training can be done using Velodroid by selecting interval times and the settings give you a choice to loop them throughout your ride if you wish.  There is an intervals alarm that has the option to be muted.  With its speech capability, it can provide in ride statistics.

Velodroid seems to be a very stable app.  I haven't had one occasion where it quit working or gave wildly inaccurate results.  It's very simple to use and integrates well with RideWithGPS.  It has become my favorite tracking app for ease of use, simplicity and its statistical accuracy.

Download it from the Google Play Store and start analyzing your ride performance today.


  1. Does the app require a network connection to function? Or is GPS reception sufficient? The current Droid phones are advertised as "Standalone GPS". If I'm out od cell phone network coverage, I still have GPS, but will the app still function?

    1. Yes, it will still work. you just won't have any map to reference (this requires data coverage. Your track and statistics will still be logged but you need data coverage to see where you are on the map.

      I found Runtastic Road Bike Pro is a much better app and you can download maps of the area you are going to ride. So if you want to save battery life or are riding in areas without data coverage, you can still see where you are on the map. I use it all of the time with my data turned off to save battery for those longer rides. Check out my review of Runtastic Road Bike Pro to see how it performs.



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