Meteorologist Kristin Clark Launches 2WheelWeather

Image Credit:  Kristin Clark
Meteorologist and avid mountain biker Kristin Clark has been very busy over the last year with her work at Weather Nation TV, the MORC Weather Blog and providing detailed forecasts for the Fatbike Frozen 40 and the Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout.  Her passion for weather and cycling has spawned her newest project, 2WheelWeather.

"As a meteorologist and a mountain biker, I've always had the vision of combining weather and cycling.  Over the past year, I've provided relevant weather information for cyclists across the state of MN via my weather blog on MORC.  Out of this idea, 2WheelWeather.com was born...like the MORC Weather Blog but with more emphasis on getting the cyclists involved in sharing a cycling experience impacted by weather, uploading cycling photos and videos, or talking about the micro-climates that make their local trails special.  2WheelWeather will be an interactive, national cycling community about weather and it's impacts on cycling."

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2WheelWeather will be your source for "everything and anything related to cycling weather".  It will contain a variety of information about cycling the four seasons and weather's affects on gear and trail conditions.

"2WheelWeather will  also be able to provide accurate, highly detailed hyper-local weather forecasts for events and races.  A white-labeled race day forecast has proven to be a tremendous asset to any race website.  Participants will keep coming back to the race website to get the latest weather updates and trail conditions.  With previous race day forecasts that I've done, knowing the specific weather details for race day has helped with early registration and has been a benefit to racers, sponsors and volunteers.  There's no denying that weather affects everything we do, especially when it comes to cycling!"

Image:  Kristin Clark
Kristin says 2WheelWeather is an ever evolving idea and will include the "CycleCast" providing past, present and future weather data.  If you have followed the MORC Weather Blog, you will know how valuable the CycleCast has been to cyclists planning and preparing for rides.  It has helped me many times to pick which days are best to ride and how I should dress for the weather.  It will provide cyclists with all the standard weather information such as temperature, wind speed and radar but with a much more in-depth look.

"Imagine getting a hyper-local quantitative precipitation forecast, seasonal outlooks, one-hour precipitation estimates, soil moisture anomalies and freeze outlooks for your favorite trail.  The possibilities are endless for what can be included in 2WheelWeather's CycleCast."

Kristin's hope is that 2WheelWeather will be a valuable resource to all cyclists, whether they are doing a long distance competitive endurance race, a leisurely Saturday afternoon ride or a quick trip down to the local mountain bike trail.  It is still a work in progress, but Kristin says, "2WheelWeather.com is rollin' along slowly but surely".

If you are a race or event coordinator that is interested in hyper-local weather information for your event, contact Kristin@2WheelWeather.com

Follow Kristin on Twitter @KClarkWNTV.

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