Turn-by-Turn Navigation for Biking Added in Latest Google Maps Update for Android Users

Google released an update for its Google Maps app on August 29th that now includes turn-by-turn Navigation for cyclists.  All of those great features that Android users have had for navigation in their cars is now available for your bike.  The update includes voice guided navigation just like it has for automobile use.  It also has an option for walking navigation.  Just select the type of navigation you would like, driving, walking or bicycling and enter your destination by speaking or typing it.

Google Maps Navigation for bicycling will plot the route to your destination, calculate mileage and estimate your travel time.  You can choose which view you would prefer between map view or satellite view.  For satellite view, tap the three bars onscreen in the lower right corner, select "layers" from the popup menu and choose satellite.  This menu also has an option to turn off voice navigation if you prefer.

If you are not satisfied with the route Google Maps plots for your trip, you can select "Route and alternatives" from the popup menu and it will give you alternate routes to choose from.

Once your route is chosen, there is a turn-by-turn direction list that is accessible any time by selecting "Directions list" from the popup menu.  To view your route step-by-step on the map, tap the arrow in the upper right corner.

With Street View on Google Maps, when you arrive at your destination a street view picture will pop up.  By selecting the Street View icon in the lower right corner this will give you a 360 degree view of your destination.

Remember, turn-by-turn biking directions are still in Beta so use caution when following the selected route.

Google Maps is available for free from the Google Play Store and more information about the app is available there.  Street View on Google Maps is an add on for Google Maps and is also available on the Google Play Store for free.

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