Here are Some Easy Ways to Keep Up-to-Date on All MN Bike Trail Navigator Posts

Now you can keep up-to-date on all of the informative posts from MN Bike Trail Navigator on the go.  Find out what is going on with trail projects, upcoming cycling events, learn about Minnesota trails, view photo galleries and read articles of interest to cyclists.  With today's smartphones and tablets it is easier than ever to stay current on the content.  Below are some of the ways to direct MN Bike Trail Navigator to you.

Following MN Bike Trail Navigator (@MNBTNavigator) on Twitter is a great way to get links in your timeline to new posts as I publish them.  Just click on the link in the tweet and you're there.  I also use Twitter to tweet interesting stories, videos and photos that I think cyclists will enjoy reading and seeing.

Readers can also "Like" MN Bike Trail Navigator on Facebook.  Here is another convenient way to get links to the latest posts in your timeline.  Just like Twitter, I also use Facebook to present interesting stories, videos and photos that I think cyclists will enjoy.

For those of you that like to get your content through RSS feeds and view them with RSS readers like Google Reader, FeedDemon, or one of the many others available for smartphones and tablets, you can subscribe to the MN Bike Trail Navigator RSS feed.  Subscribe to this feed and you can include MN Bike Trail Navigator posts with all of your other feeds into one convenient  reader.

Check with the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store for Twitter & Facebook apps and RSS feed readers.  I enjoy using Flipboard for Android, it allows me to aggregate all of my cycling blog feeds, follow my Twitter and Facebook friends and keep up on the latest news in a magazine-like fashion.  There are a lot of them to choose from and many of them are free, so read the reviews to download the best ones.

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