Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch Into a Powerful Cycling Computer With iBike

Here are some great new products from iBike that can transform the iPhone or any iPod Touch into a multifunction, powerful and accurate wireless cycling computer.  It comes in several versions and price ranges; the iDash CC, the iDash CC Deluxe, the iDash+Power and the iBike Powerhouse (available March, 2012).

All  four versions come with a fully enclosed water and shock resistant case with an anti-glare screen protector that can be used with cycling gloves.  They also contain patented electronics that are compatible with all Ant+ sensors.  The display is full color, easy to read and customizable.  When used with the iphone, all except the iBike Powerhouse, have real time GPS capabilities.  iDash CC, iDash CC Deluxe and iDash+Power come with the iBike app that you can download from the iTunes Store and iBike software for Mac or PC available from the iBike Sports website.  The iBike Powerhouse comes with the iSlim workout plan and other plans are available from the iTunes Store.  The model you choose will depend on what your needs in a cycling computer are.

If you are looking for a wireless Ant+ cycling computer that has all of the basic cycling computer functions (speed, trip distance, trip time, odometer, total hours logged, total distance logged, etc.) then the iDash CC is for you.  It also has an auto start/stop for trip data, a lap timer, a fitness test that requires an optional heart rate strap and the ability to make and receive calls on your iPhone while the app is running.  It is Bluetooth headset compatible and continues to record your data whether you are on the phone or using other apps.  The iDash CC works with iPhone 3G/3GS, 4/4S and all versions of the iPod Touch.  This unit lists at $149.95 but can be found cheaper on sites like Amazon.com and Buy.com.

The iDash CC Deluxe contains all of the features of the iDash CC with the addition of  a speed/cadence sensor, heart rate strap, rechargeable battery and battery charger.  It also allows you to set up multiple bike profiles so you don't have to reset your input data when switching to another bike. With the heart rate strap you can train with one of the pre-programmed  heart rate zone workouts.  The iDash CC Deluxe works with iPhone 3G/3GS, 4/4S and all versions of the iPod Touch.  This unit lists at $329.95, but shop around on the web to find a better deal.

The iDash+Power has all of the features of the iDash CC Deluxe and the ability to turn you Apple device into a multifunction power meter.  It can be mounted to either the handlebars or steer tube.  This unit comes with a quick swap rechargeable battery that can be changed out without interruption of your data or ride giving the user a much longer use time than just a few hours.  Advanced functions include:  speed/cadence, numeric and zone power, wind speed, temperature, hill slope and elevation.  The iDash+Power works with iPhone 3G/3GS, 4/4S and all versions of the iPod Touch.  List price is $549.00.

The iBike Powerhouse is designed by Hunter Allen, who is one of the best when it comes to coaching endurance athletes.  This unit contains features that make it like having an expert coach along with you for every ride.  It allows you to set your specific goals, whether it be cardio, weight loss or overall fitness and provides a plan for that goal by creating a custom program for you based on your fitness level.  The accurate sensors help keep you on track during your workout with coaching tips and it automatically adjusts your workout plans as your riding improves.  The iSlim plan is included, but others can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.  If you are serious about your cycling fitness, this is the model for you.  It won't be available until March 2012, but pre-orders are being taken on the iBike Sports website.  The iBike Powerhouse works with iPhone 3G/3GS, 4/4S and all versions of the iPod Touch.  List price is $269.00 (steer tube mount is an additional $20).

These four units are powerful, accurate cycling computer choices that come with a one year warranty.  They can be used by the casual rider and the serious training cyclist, depending on the model you choose to fit your cycling needs.

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