Winter '19-'20 MN Fatbike Events

Fatbikes and winter go hand-in-hand here in Minnesota and we enjoy riding no matter what the weather holds in store.  Each year my list of fatbike events continues to grow as more people are enjoying riding in the cold and snow.  Start planning your calendar now and check back often for updates.

This season's calendar will include all types of  winter fatbike events from festivals and races to demos and group rides.  Below is a list in chronological order.  Race and event organizers, if you would like your event listed please send me an e-mail (or visit my contact page).  I will continue to add events to this post as they become available.

The "Pie Burner" Thanksgiving Weekend FatBike Ride-November 30, 2019
Palmers Tavern
Hibbing, MN
Facebook Page
Postcard registration open September 1-November 1, 2019

Global Fat-Bike Day-December 7, 2019

QBP Fat Bike Rennet-January 11, 2019
Great Lakes Fat Bike Series
Highland Park Reserve
Bloomington, MN
25k, 10k
Online Registration

St. Croix 40 Winter Ultra-January 11-12, 2020
St. Croix State Park
Hinckley, MN
40 miles
Facebook Page
Online Registration

Solstice Chase-January 25, 2020
Great Lakes Fat Bike Series
Big Rock Creek
St. Croix Falls, WI
20, 10 miles
Facebook Page

Arrowhead 135-January 27-29, 2020
International Falls, MN
135 miles

45NRTH Whiteout-February 1, 2020
Great Lakes Fat Bike Series
Cuyuna Country Recreation Area
Ironton, MN
30k, 20k, 10k
Online Registration

Fat Tire Loppet-February 2, 2020
Minneapolis, MN

Puoli Fat Tire Loppet-February 2, 2020
Minneapolis, MN

Fat Bike Vasaloppet-February 9, 2020
Lake Mora
Mora, MN
40, 10 km
Facebook Page

Becker Fat Bike Blitz-February 22, 2020
Pebble Creek Golf Club
Becker, MN
30 miles
Facebook Page

The Twin Cities Bike Map
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Fourth of July Rides

Fourth of July is coming soon and if you want to celebrate Independence Day in the saddle there are several longstanding rides that have become tradition for many cyclists over the years.  July 4th is your chance to get in a ride with fellow cyclists and maybe even start a new yearly tradition.

Freedom From Pants is a Fourth of July Minneapolis tradition that is entering its 13th year.  This annual  underwear ride through the streets of Minneapolis will meet underneath the Hennepin Avenue Bridge on Nicollet Island at 6:00 pm and roll out at 7:00 sharp.  This safe-space event will make a "couple stops for drinks, beaches, underpants, good times."  Visit the Freedom From Pants XIII Facebook event page for more details, to join or share with friends.

Image credit: Great Scott 50

The Great Scott 50 Classic Bike Ride is a Prior Lake Fourth of July tradition going into its 32nd year.   Take a 25 or 50 mile ride through the rolling hills of Scott County or the newly added 10 mile family fun route on area trails.  The 25 mile short course is geared more towards recreational riders and has one rest stop along the way.  The 50 mile long course is what the ride is named for and will have three rest stops.  Mechanical support and SAG provided by Michael's Cycles.  The 50 mile ride leaves Lakefront Park in Prior Lake at 8:00 am, the 25 mile ride at 8:15 am and the family fun ride at 8:30 am.  Refreshments will be provided at all rest stops and there will be a picnic lunch served after the ride for those doing the 25 and 50 mile rides.  Lunch is not included for the Family Fun Route, but donuts and juice/coffee will be provided.

Register online, download the registration form to register by mail or register on-site the day of the ride beginning at 7:15 am at Lakefront Park.  Proceeds support Bike infrastructure and the local School Mountain Bike Teams.  Visit the Great Scott Classic Bike Ride Facebook Event Page for updates.

The Hiawatha Bicycling Club will be hosting the 20th Annual Tour D'Amico with four scenic routes to choose from complete with hydration stations and rest stops at D'Amico & Sons restaurants along the way.  These full SAG supported rides include a 21 mile family friendly short route, a 29 mile tour that is suitable for all riders, a 41 mile route and a metric century tour (62 miles) for intermediate and endurance riders.  Visit the Tour D'Amico Course Details Page for more information on these routes.

Registration can be done online or by mail with a check.  Packet pick up starts at 8:00 am and goes until 10:30 am July 4th at the D'Amico & Sons in Golden Valley.  After the ride, participants will be treated to an Italian buffet lunch that will be served from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Proceeds from the Tour D'Amico benefit Twin City bike education and trail maintenance programs.  This is a rain or shine event.

Join Continental Ski & Bike on the Fourth for a self-supported mountain bike ride on the trails around Duluth.  The ride will meet at Lester Park at 8:00 am and roll out at 8:15, continue on to Spirit Mountain and then to the Duluth Traverse Trail.  After the ride meet up at the Riverside Bar and Grill at Grand Avenue Chalet at Spirit Mountain for an after party.  This is an all ages ride but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  More details can be found at the Traverse the Traverse Facebook event page.

The Twin Cities Bicycling Club will be hosting the 38th Annual Watermelon Ride with a choice of 15, 25 or 52 mile routes.  The 15 mile route is geared for beginners getting into cycling and families with children.  The 25 mile route is ideal for both the novice and experienced rider.  Full support is provided for both the 15 and 25 mile routes and the routes will be marked.  The 52 mile route is unsupported so bring the necessary items to make minor repairs and fix flats.  Route maps will be handed out to riders at the registration table the day of the event.  Snacks will be supplied at rest stops and a picnic lunch will be held at Snail Lake Park following the ride until 2:30 pm.

Online registration will closes at the end of the day on June 30th.  Day-of registration will also be available by printing and filling out the Registration Waiver and bringing a check made payable to the Twin Cities Bicycling Club to the registration table.  Twin Cities Bicycling Club members receive a discount for registration.  Registration for the 15 & 25 mile routes is from 8:30-10:00 am and the 52 mile route is from 7:30-9:00 am.  Registration and ride start is at Incarnation Lutheran Church in Shoreview.  This is a rain or shine event.  Mechanical support provided by County Cycles.  For more information, email the Event Coordinators at: watermelon@biketcbc.org.


Tips For Bike Commuters

Bike commuting puts me in a great mood for a day at work and I certainly prefer it to driving a car but there are a few things you can do to make your rides safer, more convenient and comfortable.  In this post I've listed some of the things learned from my daily commutes that you can use whether you're thinking about giving bike commuting a try or you're a seasoned commuter.

Ditch the backpack and let the bike carry the load.  Frame, seat and handlebar bags can be used to carry a change of clothes and toiletries if traveling light works for you.

For longer commutes and those times when nature calls learn where the "rest stops" are along the way just in case. Parks are good places to find portables and building facilities.

Daytime running lights help get you seen by motorists especially on overcast or foggy days.  The majority of car/bike accidents happen during daylight hours so why wouldn't you want to increase your visibility for safety?

Keep it fresh and choose a different route from time to time. I'll sometimes leave for work early to take the long way in or go a completely different way  just so I can change things up a bit.  By doing this I have found more enjoyable and often safer routes to and from work.

Take advantage of natural windbreaks on those windy days if available. I was riding on the road fighting a stiff head/cross wind and moving over to the bike path adjacent to the woods really cut down on the wind.

When you have two options (road vs. bike path), opt for the safer one for the conditions, time of day and traffic.  I have learned the traffic patterns along my route and riding the road certain times of the day can be safer/less safe than taking the adjacent bike trail.

Check the weather regularly and be prepared with the proper apparel.  If there is any chance of rain during my commute I will pack a jacket that will keep me dry just in case I need it.  Morning commutes may require more clothing than a much warmer end of the work day commute and checking the weather forecast ahead of time will help select the right apparel for both of them.

Flats are going to happen, do you know what to do?  I run tubeless so incidents of flat tires happen less frequently but I've had to inflate tires that lost pressure before my sealant stopped the leak. I carry tire plugs for larger punctures and recently had to use one when sealant alone wouldn't do the trick.

One should always carry tire levers, a spare tube (if not running tubeless), tire pump or inflator with CO2 cartridge because it's no fun walking your bike when a 5 minute tube change will get you up and rolling again.  Watch this video from Trek on how to change a tube if you don't know how yet.

Use a tool cup in a bottle cage to carry the necessary things like a multi-tool, chainbreaker, lube and a master link that may get you out of a jam and back to riding in the event of a mechanical that requires your attention.  This is also a good place to stash your tire levers, CO2 cartridges/inflator and emergency cash.

Prepare your gear the night before so getting out the door is quick and easy in the morning.  I will always have my work clothes packed, bike clothes laid out and lights and Garmin ready to go so all I have to do is get dressed and leave.  This definitely speeds things up and helps avoid forgetting something.

Google Maps with bicycling directions is a great navigational tool. I've used it many times on my phone paired with headphones to navigate areas I'm unfamiliar with.  It also comes in handy when I need to take the shortest route that is bicycle friendly. With audible directions turned on using earbuds, turn-by-turn instructions are announced while riding just like it does when driving a car.  If a turn is missed rerouting directions kick in.

If you're like me, you have a few rechargeable devices that need a fresh charge for the next commute. Head and tail lights, GPS computer, action camera and phone can all be charged at the same time with a USB hub. Just plug everything in when you get home and unplug later when fully charged.

Get a tire pressure gauge. Check pressure regularly and adjust accordingly for better handling and a decreased chance of getting pinch flats. Temperature changes can affect tire pressure and tubes lose air with time. Even though I run tubeless on my bikes I still check pressures regularly and adjust for the riding conditions.

Enjoy those night commutes home, they're a great way to unwind after a long day at work.  Put on some good music or a favorite podcast, lose yourself in the ride and feel the stress of the day slip away.

Invest in some quality cycling apparel for all types of weather.  Bike commuters ride it all so having the right apparel for the conditions is key to staying comfortable, warm and dry.  Having several changes of cycling apparel helps if you don't have time to get to washing it for a few days.

I wear eye protection for my day and night commutes.  While sunglasses are the obvious choice for daylight hours to cut glare and see better in sunny conditions, clear lenses keep those flying insects from ending up in your eyes during night rides.  Glasses also provide protection from the wind keeping eyes from watering up.

Sometimes drivers are confused of who should yield or they're surprised by my presence in traffic and don't know how to react, that's why I use hand signals. Doing so helps communicate my intent or lets them know they must yield right of way. It's almost always at intersections that I end up having to use hand signals.

Don't be afraid to take the lane when needed.  When a bike path or shoulder isn't a safe option, taking the lane gives a cyclist greater visibility to motorists and helps prevent the dreaded squeeze-by by forcing them to pass safely in the adjacent lane.

Intersections are the most dangerous part of the commute.  Learn how to navigate them and what to avoid.  Take the lane when necessary for better visibility to motorists, to prevent right hooks from right turning vehicles and unsafe overtaking.  The video below explains how to safely navigate intersections and the reasoning behind the methods.

Bike commuting is not only fun but can be great exercise, reduce greenhouse gases, save money on gasoline and put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.  Give bike commuting a try and it may quickly become your favorite mode of transportation to work and errands.  For more bike commuter discussion join the Twin Cities Bike Commuters Facebook group today.


Weekly Bike Shop Group Rides

Now that Spring is finally here the weekly bike shop group ride season has begun. Road, women's-only and mountain bike rides are all included in this list.  I have listed all of them that I could find with links to more information.


Image Credit: Nicollet Bike & Ski
Starting in June and continuing through August, Nicollet Bike & Ski will be hosting their Chit Chat Ride at 5:30 pm.  Visit the Nicollet Bike Group Rides pageFacebook page or call the shop (507-388-9390) for more details.

Social paced ride for casual or beginner riders. Meets at the West High School back parking lot next to the YMCA. Mondays- 5:30 pm June-August.

Image Credit: Continental Ski & Bike‎/Hansi Johnson

Continental Ski & Bike in Duluth hits the gravel on Monday nights at 6:15 pm from a different location each week.  Gravel Group Rides a mixed surface, no-drop ride that starts June 3rd and continues through August 26th.

This summer's gravel rides will be fun, adventurous rides on some of the most scenic gravel roads in the area. Each ride will happen on Monday. Follow our calendar for up to date info on rides as we transition into summer.

These rides will be great forays onto the roads less traveled. Anyone interested in getting out and exploring the areas gravel routes are welcome. ​

The details:

- Mondays, 6:15pm
-1.5-2 hours, no drop, group dictated pace
-Terrain will be a mix of gravel and pavement   
-Starting location will change week-to-week, check the calendar for the latest info
-All types of bikes welcome! If you feel comfortable riding your bike on gravel, then let's roll

​For the most up-to-date info on these rides check out our calendar!

Questions email jason@continentalski.com or call the shop at 218-722-4466

Image Credit: Endurance House Twin Cities

Endurance House Twin Cities hosts their weekly Monday Women's Ride at 6:00 pm from their Eagan location now through August 26th.

Join us at for our Women's only social ride every Monday at 6pm. All abilities are welcome. Please arrive 15 mins early for a Ride Briefing before we head out. 

Image Credit: Nicollet Bike & Ski

Nicollet Bike & Ski hosts Mountain Bike Mondays at 6:00 pm for some singletrack riding at either Mount Kato or Kiwanis Park starting in May.  Visit the Nicollet Bike Group Rides page, Facebook page or call the shop (507-388-9390) for more details.

The ride will be held at Kiwanis or Mount Kato trails depending on trail conditions. Ride is weather permitting. Give us a call if the weather is questionable. Starting at 6 pm in May.

Image Credit: Erik's Bike Board and Ski

ERIK'S Riders Club hosts Summertime Spin on Monday nights at 6:00 pm from their Eagan shop for a 17-25 mile ride with a pace of 13-16 mph.  Visit the ERIK'S Riders Club Minnesota Weekly Ride Calendar for more information.

We will start at the Erik’s in Eagan. We will cruise down the bike trail along Pilot Knob to the beautiful and scenic Big Rivers trail. From there we can choose to either bike down to Harriet Island, or to venture through the historic Fort Snelling, and work our way along the river until we return to Eagan. This is a no drop ride.

Image Credit: Freewheel Bike

Freewheel Bike in Woodbury hosts a Monday night Woodbury Weekly Group Rides from the shop at 5:30 pm for a road ride of about 30 miles.  Going on now through August 26th.

Two nights every week, join the #FreewheelBike crew for rides meeting at our Woodbury shop! 

On Monday nights, we meet at 5:30 p.m., stick to a pace of 16–18 mph and ride an estimated 30 miles depending on the daylight available and how far and fast the group wants to go.

All are welcome at both Woodbury weekly rides, especially those new to road biking! Let us know if you have any questions, and bring your helmet, light, water and snacks.


Image Credit: Nicollet Bike & Ski

If you're a roadie, Nicollet Bike & Ski in Mankato hosts several rides of different skill levels on Tuesdays.  Visit the Nicollet Bike Group Rides pageFacebook page or call the shop (507-388-9390) for more details.

A Ride: For experienced road riders. Pace is an all out effort and does not wait for dropped riders. 40-60 miles. 21+ mph. Leaves at 5:30 pm sharp.
B+ Road Rides:  Advanced to intermediate paced ride. For riders looking to get a solid effort in and work together to rotate smoothly in an echelon. 30-50 miles. 15-18 mph average. Leaves the shop at 5:35 pm.
B- Road Rides:  Intermediate paced ride. 20-40 miles. 14-16 mph average. Leaves the shop at 5:35 pm.
​C Road Ride: Fitness or road bikes recommended. 15-30 miles. Ride is a mix of paved trails and country roads. 12-15 mph average. Leaves the shop at 5:30 pm.
A/B Skill Work Ride: For riders looking to learn how to comfortably and safely ride in a group. This ride is less about the workout and more about learning the skills necessary to ride in the A level road rides. Ride leaves the shop at 5:35 pm.

Image Credit: Smith's Bike Shop

Smith's Bike Shop in La Crosse, WI will be hosting their Beginners Road Ride that meets weekly at the shop at 6:00 pm now through August 27th.

Want to learn some road routes around the area? Scared to ride in traffic? Need help learning how and when to shift? Just want to ride with other people? Join us on our Beginners Road Ride on Tuesday nights. Meet at Smith's at 6:00 (unless otherwise noted).  

Rides will require a level of fitness to maintain a minimum of 12mph; average speed will be 15/16mph. These rides are no drop. Come talk to us if you have questions or concerns.

Image Credit: Freewheel Bike

Meet at the Freewheel Bike in Eden Prairie at 5:30 pm for the Fast & Furious: Tuesday Night Ride going on now through August 27th.

Every Tuesday night, join us at #FreewheelBike Eden Prairie at 5:30 p.m. for the Fast & Furious Ride!

We'll hit the road for 45–55 miles of the west metro's scenic views and rolling hills and maintain a moderate to intense and spirited pace (18–22 mph). No one left behind.

You'll test your fitness, learn to ride safely in fast-paced group, and push yourself. Bring your road bike, your helmet, water and a snack or two, and join the Freewheel peloton!

Image Credit: Now Bikes

Join Now Bikes in Arden Hills at 6:00 pm weekly for their Ladies Ride going on now through August 27th.

Image Credit: Wendy Crawford

The Life Wellness Center Tuesday Night Group Ride is a no-drop mountain bike ride for riders of all skill levels that rotates between south metro singletrack trails.  Going on now through November 12th.

Why ride alone when you can ride with a group! These TUESDAY NIGHT Fat Bike/Mt. Bike rides will rotate between south metro singletrack trails (Murphy, Lebanon Hills, West Lake Marion and River Bottoms) depending on conditions. We will break into groups based on skill levels, so everyone enjoys the ride! This is a “No Drop” ride meant to build community. We’ll regroup often and afterwards socialize. Meet & Greet: 6:15pm, Ride: 6:30pm, Refreshments: 7:45ish

Image Credit: Erik's Bike Board and Ski

ERIK'S Riders Club holds their weekly No Man’s Ride at 6:00 pm from their shop in Dinkytown.  This 20 mile ride is no-drop and has a pace of  15-18 mph.  Visit the ERIK'S Riders Club Minnesota Weekly Ride Calendar for more information.

Tired of spin class? Come ride outside! No Man’s Ride is a quick-paced, FTW, no-drop scenic ride from the Dinkytown store around the lakes and back. This is a great way to explore some of the Twin Cities' best trails and get in your cardio. Depending on the group, we'll take one or two breaks or maybe practice a pace line.

Image Credit: The Hub Bike Co-op

The Hub Bike Co-op and Corpse Whale Racing will be hosting Social Bike Rides for Trans/Femme/Women Riders bi-weekly from the Hub Bike Co-op on Minnehaha Ave. at 6:30 pm. Rides start May 21st and last through September 24th.

Corpse Whale Racing (The Hub Bike Co-op-sponsored femme, trans, women, and non-binary) is back to leading its bi-weekly rides for the FTWs in our community! 
These will be moderately-paced, NO DROP rides--CWR will have someone at the back to make sure that no one gets left behind. You can expect a 12-15mph pace, a 15-20 mile distance, and the best ride leaders!  These rides will happen every other Tuesday, leaving from the The Hub Bike Co-op on Minnehaha Ave at 6:30pm, and beginning on May 21st.  

Image Credit: Trailhead Cycling

Trailhead Cycling hosts their Women's Single Track Ride every Tuesday night at Elm Creek Singletrack in Champlin now through September 24th.

Ladies! Join us for an easy paced no-drop single track ride. Every Tuesday evening; 5:30 pm, if the trail is open we ride! Check the Elm Creek Single track page for trail conditions. Our ride is designed for new riders; introducing ladies to the Single Track; but more experienced riders are welcomed to join us as well! Helmets required. Lights recommended. 

Image Credit: Freewheel Bike

Freewheel Bike in Woodbury hosts a Tuesday night Woodbury Weekly Group Rides from the shop at 5:30 pm for a road ride of 30+ miles.  Going on now through August 27th.

Two nights every week, join the #FreewheelBike crew for rides meeting at our Woodbury shop! 

Our Tuesday night ride is designed for more advanced riders. We maintain a pace of 18–20mph for 30+ miles, adjusting the route based on the daylight available.


Image Credit: Freewheel Bike

Freewheel Bike in Bloomington hosts their Bloomington Wednesday Night Rides from the shop at 5:30 pm for a no-drop road ride.  Going on now through August 28th.

Join the #FreewheelBike crew every Wednesday night at our Bloomington shop for a ride designed to promote cycling fitness, practice and improve your group road bike riding skills, and build our cycling community!

These rides range from 25–40 miles and maintain an average speed of 15–18 mph. Depending on the size of the group, we may break into slower or faster groups—you will never be left behind!

Rides start at the Bloomington shop every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. Please wear a helmet—we also recommend riding with lights on the front and back of your bike. Let us know if you have any questions.

Image Credit: Erik's Bike Board and Ski

ERIK'S Riders Club rolls Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am from the Big Rivers Trailhead in Mendota for their Eagan Daytimer ride.  Ride distance is 17-25 miles with a pace of 13-16 mph.  Visit the ERIK'S Riders Club Minnesota Weekly Ride Calendar for more information.

We will start on the Big Rivers Trail (HWY 13 & Mendota Heights Road). Trail riding in either Minneapolis or St. Paul (along the rivers or lakes) with occasional stops as needed/desired. Probably will fit in stops for refreshments for longer rides on hot days.

Image Credit: Nicollet Bike & Ski

Nicollet Bike & Ski hosts the Flying Penguin Group Ride from the shop in Mankato.  Visit the Nicollet Bike Group Rides pageFacebook page or call the shop (507-388-9390) for more details.

Flying Penguin Group Ride: 20-25 miles. Social B pace. Leaves the shop at 6 pm.

Image Credit: Erik's Bike Board and Ski

ERIK'S Riders Club hosts Erik's Wednesday Night Ride from their shop in St. Louis Park at 5:30 pm.  Ride distance is 35-40 miles with a pace of 20 mph.  Visit the ERIK'S Riders Club Minnesota Weekly Ride Calendar for more information.

A mainstay of Erik's in Saint Louis Park for many years, the Wednesday Night Ride traverses 35-40 miles of rolling west metro roads. The group will ride at an average speed of 20 MPH. This is a challenging, fast-paced, and fun ride for any road rider looking to take their group riding to the next level.

Image Credit: Now Bikes

Wednesday nights will see a new weekly mountain bike ride hosted by Now Bikes that will visit  different metro singletrack trails each week.  Trail Takeover ride locations will be announced on the Facebook event page and start at 6:00 pm from the trail parking lot.  Going on now through August 28th.

We’re excited to announce the start of a new weekly mountain bike ride, the Trail Takeover, starting this Wednesday, May 15th! Led by Sam Berglund from the Saint Paul shop, the Trail Takeover will bounce around to different trail systems across the metro every week.

The ride will take off at 6:00pm. If you can’t make it on time or want to ride a different loop feel free to do so. We will meet up in the parking lot following the ride to enjoy refreshments and chat about all our rides! Previous mountain biking experience is highly recommended. Location will be announced next week once we have a better idea of what trails will be open. Join us next Wednesday at 6:00pm!

Image Credit: Freewheel Bike

Freewheel Bike has started up their weekly Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Ride which takes place on the mountain bike trails at Lebanon Hills in Eagan.  Roll out is from the trailhead parking lot at 5:30 pm for a no-drop, moderate pace ride.  Going on now through September 4th.

Every Wednesday night, join the #FreewheelBike crew for a friendly, welcoming mountain bike ride that'll introduce you to new friends and new trails.

We'll roll out from the Lebanon Hills Regional Park at 5:30 and maintain a moderate pace on the Blue and Green Loops. If those in attendance are willing to try the more difficult loop, we can do that, too!

This free ride is weather- and trail-permitting. We'll post any cancellations on this Facebook event. Please bring a helmet, a bottle of water, and a light for when the darkness begins to roll in.

Let us know if you have any questions! 

Image Credit: Erik's Bike Board and Ski

The Wednesday Stress Reliever is an ERIK'S Riders Club weekly ride out of their Vadnais Heights shop.  This ride has a distance of 20-30 miles with a pace of 15 mph.  Visit the ERIK'S Riders Club Minnesota Weekly Ride Calendar for more information.

Mostly flat with a few rolling hills in the North Metro area. Pace and distance will vary according to the desire and skills of the riders who attend.

Image Credit: Erik's Bike Board and Ski

The Wild Wednesday B Ride is another ERIK'S Riders Club weekly ride and starts at their shop in Coon Rapids at 5:30 pm.  Ride distance is 30 miles with a pace of 15-18 mph.  Visit the ERIK'S Riders Club Minnesota Weekly Ride Calendar for more information.

This will be a "fitness" level paced ride with pace lining. This ride will take place when the store is open, so stop in early to fill tires, purchase energy blocks/gels and hydration tablets, etc. Please keep in mind this ride may end past dusk late in the season, and lights will be required during this period. As with all of our group rides, helmets are mandatory. Ride leaders are happy to teach proper road etiquette of you are new to this style of riding. This is a weather permitting ride.

Image Credit: Downtown Bicycles

Downtown Bicycles in Northfield hosts their twice a month Recreational Cruiser Ride for All Ages from the shop now through September 18th.

Join us on our family friendly summer riding series!  We will ride on the trail through Northfield and Dundas at a pace friendly to all types and ages of riders. Ride will begin promptly at 6:30pm.  Some days there will even be treats at the shop after the ride!  Gather your friends and family of all ages to join the fun!

If inclement weather, a decision will be made prior to the event time.

Image Credit: Trailhead Cycling

Trailhead Cycling in Champlin hosts their Wednesday Night Road Bike Rides from the shop promptly at 5:30 pm now until October 9th.

Meet Every Wednesday at Trailhead for this Road Bike Specific Ride. 5:30 pm Roll-Out. FAST Group: 17+ mph; 35+ miles. FUN Group 15+ mph; 25+ miles. Helmets and lights required. This is a Road-Bike Specific ride and we will ride on county roads. 

Image Credit: Endurance House Twin Cities

Meet at Endurance House Twin Cities in Eagan at 5:45 pm for their Wednesday Group Ride going on now through August 28th.

Come and join us for our FREE Group Rides every Wednesday evening throughout the Summer. All abilities are welcome. Please arrive 15 minutes early for a rider's briefing. We look forward to seeing you!  

Image Credit: Ski Hut

The Ski Hut in Duluth hosts their no-drop Wednesday Social Rides every week at 5:00 pm from the shop. Going on now until September 11th .

Get together with fellow riders who are looking to cruise at a fun pace. Great way to meet others to ride with and get tips from us on anything bikes. Expect to go anywhere from 15-30 miles. Nobody gets left behind on wednesdays!

Image Credit: Ski Hut

Join the Ski Hut in Duluth for their Wednesday Gravel Rides from the shop at 6:00 pm for some fast-paced gravel.  Going on now through August 28th.

Everyone is welcome to this fast pace group ride. If you're looking for a little more intensity than a leisure pace join us for 40-60 miles of gravel or mountain biking. Decided by the conditions the day of, we will let you know what sort of ride it will be. Turn that hate into some Love.

Image Credit: Freewheel Bike

Freewheel Bike hosts their West Bank Wednesdays Ride out of the West Bank shop at 6:00 pm now through September 4th.

Starting on April 24th, we're meeting at Freewheel Bike West Bank every Wednesday at 6:00 PM for a 30-mile no drop road ride at a quick pace. Our route will vary from week to week but you can count on it always being awesome!

Bring your road bike, a helmet, a light, and some water!

Image Credit: Freewheel Bike

Join Freewheel Bike at their Eden Prairie location at 5:30 pm for their Women's Wednesday Night Road Rides.  Group rides start June 12th and last through September 11th.

On Wednesday nights this summer, join us at #FreewheelBike Eden Prairie for a women's road ride (men also welcome!).

Led by Lynne Cecil, we're aiming for a moderately paced 15–18 mph for about 20–25 miles.

Bring a road bike, helmet, lights, and a yearning for FUN!


Image Credit: Fitzharris Ski, Bike and Outdoor

Beaver Island Brewing Company, Brava Burritos and Fitzharris Ski, Bike & Outdoor host the Bikes Beer Burritos ride weekly through September 26th with a "High Octane" and "Relaxed" ride. Riders meet at Beaver Island Brewing Company in St. Cloud for registration and roll-out.  Going on now through September 26th.

Bikes Beer Burritos is riding into year three! Join us every Thursday May 2 – Sept 26 for the perfect trio: RIDE with us, REFRESH with your favorite BIBCo brew, and REFUEL with the best burritos in town, Bravo Burritos!

Image Credit: Trailhead Cycling

For beginner riders or those new to the Champlin area, Trailhead Cycling hosts their weekly Just a Ride from the shop at 5:30 pm for about an hour long ride.  Going on now through September 26th.

Meet new friends, explore the awesome bike trails in our area. This is a bring what you ride, no matter what bike, as long as you have a helmet ride. Each Thursday we'll meet at Trailhead for a 5:30 pm ride as long as the weather allows. Perfect for new to the area or new to biking riders. No stress, no race, no fast pace. Just a fun 1 hour (or less) bike ride. 

Image Credit: Continental Ski & Bike‎/Hansi Johnson

Continental Ski & Bike in Duluth leads a no-drop MTB Group Rides from a different singletrack trail system each week on Thursday nights at 6:15 pm.  Starting June 6th and continuing through August 29th.

Looking to get out and rip up some sweet singletrack? Continental Staff will be leading a no drop MTB ride at various locations EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT! There will be lots of sweet trails to ride and you will also have the opportunity to learn some basic riding skills tossed in from time to time.

Ride location:​ check our calendar for the latest locations: 

Our ride location will follow this schedule, although we may jump around based on trail conditions and closures. Check our calendar, or call the shop for the most up-to-date info!

Lester Park (Meet at parking lot at Lester River Rd. and Superior St.)
Hartley (Meet at parking lot at nature center)
Piedmont/Brewer (Meet at parking lot on Hutchinson Rd.)
Mission Creek (Meet at Chambers Grove parking lot - HWY 23 and 210)
The details:

Every Thursday at 6:15PM
No drop style ride
All rides will last between 1.5 and 2 hours
Helmet required
If the trails are closed due to wet conditions, the ride location will be moved if possible
Questions email jason@continentalski.com or call the shop at 218-728-4466

Image Credit: The Hub Co-op

Open Road Group Ride led by The Hub Cycling Team is a bi-weekly ride that leaves at 6:30 PM from The Hub's West Bank location.  This group ride offers both a long and short route and is no-drop.  Going on now through August 22nd.

The Hub Cycling Team is excited to host another season of bi-weekly group rides on Thursday evenings!  The series will begin May 16th, and all rides will leave at 6:30 PM from The Hub's West Bank location at 301 Cedar Ave. 

Each week we'll offer both a shorter and a longer route, and will follow the same consistent route for the entire ride series.  The short route will be about 18.5 miles, and will maintain a 12 - 14mph moving average.  The longer route will be about 27.5 miles and will maintain a 16 - 18mph moving average.  Both routes will stop at Bang Brewing (one of the team's other sponsors) shortly before returning to the West Bank.  These rides will be no-drop, and depending on attendance rides may be split into multiple pace groups. We're looking forward to riding with you this season!

Image Credit: Erik's Bike Board and Ski

Thursday Night R.AV.E. is an ERIK'S Riders Club weekly ride that starts from their shop in Eagan at 6:00 pm.  This road ride has a distance of 30 miles and a pace of 19-21 mph.  Visit the ERIK'S Riders Club Minnesota Weekly Ride Calendar for more information.

This ride will be a tour of Rosemount, Apple Valley, and Eagan through my favorite local bike-friendly roads. The goal of this ride is to have a safe, fast and consistent road ride that will help road riders improve their skills and speed on the bike throughout the summer. The beginning of the year will focus on communication while in a group and progress into techniques to improve speed later into the summer. This is a drop ride by nature, but there will not be any intentional dropping or unexpected attacking. Riders are not expected to ride on the front of the group but may be dropped if the group has to wait for a single rider multiple times. Riders are expected to use hand signals and phrases that will be explained before each ride along with helmets and no headphones. There will be a brief rest stop halfway through to recover and regroup.

Image Credit: Trailhead Cycling

Trailhead Cycling in Champlin hosts their weekly Thursday Night Single Track Ride at Elm Creek for a no-drop mountain bike ride that starts from the trailhead at 6:30 pm now through October 31st.

As long as the trails are open; we ride! Thursday nights at 6:30 meet us at the Elm Creek Single Track Parking lot (off Hayden Lake Road) for a fun evening on the trails. This is a no-drop ride; we'll wait for you at intersections. Group tends to break up into faster and not so faster; but that's Okay! we're only here to have fun. Helmets required, lights recommended. Check the Elm Creek Singletrack FB page for trail conditions.  


Image Credit: Nicollet Bike & Ski

Nicollet Bike & Ski in Mankato hosts a Saturday morning gravel ride from their shop at 7:00 am.  Visit the Nicollet Bike Group Rides pageFacebook page or call the shop (507-388-9390) for more details.

Gravel Road Ride: Join us to explore the beautiful back roads of our River Valley. Gravel or Cyclocross bikes recommended. 25-40 miles. A and B and C paces. Leaves the shop at 7 am sharp.

Image Credit: Freewheel Bike

Freewheel Bike in Minnetonka hosts their weekly road ride every Saturday morning at 8:00 am.  The Minnetonka Saturday Morning Ride rolls for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and wraps up early enough to still get to your Saturday obligations.

We know how busy everyone's Saturdays are, so let's get out there at 8 a.m. and get some miles in before Saturday activities pull us away from our bikes!

This weekly road ride, meeting every Saturday morning, 8 a.m., at #FreewheelBike Minnetonka, will average 1.5–2 hours at a pace of 17–20 mph.

When we roll back to the shop, we'll eat donuts and drink coffee together. Because it's easier to pedal your hardest when you know donuts and coffee are waiting for you!

All are welcome. Bring a helmet, water, and a snack for the road. No ticket or RSVP necessary, just show up!


Image Credit: Nicollet Bike & Ski

Sunday mornings join in on the Flying Penguin Group Ride at Mankato West High School.  Visit the Nicollet Bike Group Rides pageFacebook page or call the shop (507-388-9390) for more details.

Flying Penguin Group Ride: 20 mile Rapidan Loop with cobblestones near the end! Ride leaves at 10am from Mankato West High School back parking lot. 

Image Credit: Duluth Cider

Continental Ski & Bike in coordination with Duluth Cider is hosting a no-drop group ride every Sunday morning in June.  Sunday Family Group Rides with Continental & Duluth Cider depart Duluth Cider at 11:00 am.

Join Continental Ski & Bike at Duluth Cider for a family-friendly group ride every Sunday in June! This easy, no-drop group ride for all ages will begin at Duluth Cider at 11am and take the Cross City Trail through Lincoln Park toward Lake Superior. The ride will last around 1 hour, ending back at Duluth Cider, where you can grab a cider (or a juice for the kiddos) and order in some grub from any nearby eatery like Duluth Grill, OMC, Lee's Pizza, or T-Bonz! All ages and abilities welcome, just be sure to bring a helmet!

Image Credit: Now Bikes

Now Bikes in Arden Hills hosts the Sunday Morning Fat/Mountain Bike Demo and Ride at various singletrack trail locations around the Twin Cities.  Rides are from 9:00-11:00 am and continue through October 27th.

Come out and ride with riders of all levels, meet new friends and pick up riding tips on our Fat/MTB demo & group ride on Sunday mornings!

- Free demo bikes to ride! Must call ahead (651-490-7709) or stop by the Arden Hills location to schedule for us to bring a bike for you to ride

- Demo bikes from the following brands may be available: Santa Cruz, Salsa, Felt, Otso in all sizes XS, SM, MD, LG, XL

- Ride generally goes from 9-11AM

- No drop ride, all rider levels are welcome!

- Location for ride is determined the Friday or Saturday before the ride and is based on trail conditions. Check our Facebook page for the location.

Image Credit: Erik's Bike Board and Ski

Weekend Wind Down is an ERIK'S Riders Club weekly ride that starts from their shop in Coon Rapids at 6:00 pm.  This ride has a distance of 19-22 miles with a pace of 14-16 mph.  Visit the ERIK'S Riders Club Minnesota Weekly Ride Calendar for more information.

Had a busy week? An even busier weekend? Come join Travis and Tim on a Sunday evening Weekend Wind Down group ride! This ride is a relaxed to medium paced road ride meant for anyone who wants a reason to get on their bike. If you’ve been biking for years or just got your new road bike, you're welcome here! The ride is approx. 20 miles but will sometimes vary, and we ride at around 14-16 mph. It's a no drop ride so everyone should be flexible to make sure we stay together and have a great time! This is primarily a paved trail ride, but we will have some brief shoulder riding. Hope to see you there!

For more group rides not listed in this post visit Groupride.com.  Users of the site can search the interactive ride map, view the ride directory or post up a ride.

If you are a bike shop ride leader that would like your group ride listed on this post contact me by sending an email to Mnbiketrailnavigator@gmail.com with the ride details, Facebook event page or website link to more information.
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