Open Streets MPLS Returns With Eight Events For 2015

As the Summer biking season approaches Open Streets MPLS returns in its fifth year with eight events around the city. What started as one event in 2011 has grown into something big that gives cyclists, pedestrians, skaters and skateboarders a new way to see the city without automobile traffic.  These events provide a safe place for people to get to know these neighborhoods, do some shopping, have some fun, meet new people and it's all free.

An initiative of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, Open Streets MPLS has become a huge success bringing out thousands of people for these events.  Come and join the fun family atmosphere that is Open Streets in these great Minneapolis neighborhoods and see the city in a whole new way.

Local community members plan out these events and around 100 volunteers are needed for each one.  If you would like to volunteer for any of the Open Streets MPLS events, visit the Open Streets Volunteer page and fill out the sign up form.

Image Credit: Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition

Open Streets MPLS Dates

Sunday, June 7
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
22nd St. W. to 42nd St. W. 

Sunday, July 12
12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
"Join us for a not just one street but a whole route!"

Sunday, August 2 
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
 Elliot Ave. to 42nd Ave. S.

Sunday, August 16
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Portland Ave. to 28th Ave. S.

Sunday, August 23
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Washington Ave. from 1st Ave. N to 10th Ave. N.
& 1st Ave. N. from Washington Ave. N. to 8th St. N.

Saturday, September 12
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
University Ave. and Oak St.

Sunday, September 20
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Lake St. W. to 46th St. W.

Saturday, September 26
12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Emerson Ave. N. to Vincent Ave. N.

For updates on Open Streets MPLS visit them on Facebook, Twitter or their website.

Penn Cycle & Fitness
$60 Price Drop!
2015 Trek 7.2 FX Fitness Bike Now $489.99.


Facebook Groups Help Cyclists Connect

Social media has allowed us to connect with many others that have common interests and you can use this to your advantage to find cycling groups, rides, events and information.  Are you a fatbiker looking for a group ride to join?  Maybe you're a road cyclist that is looking to post or participate in a ride but don't know where to start.  You may even be looking for a place where you can ask questions or find answers for the type of cycling you like to do.  Facebook has helped many cyclists to find new ride groups, meet new friends and discover new opportunities.

In this post I will go through some of the Facebook groups that I use regularly to keep up with the cycling community at large, to join in on a ride or event that fits my schedule and find or sell bike parts and accessories.  I have started several Facebook groups to keep in touch with my bike friends and give them and others a platform to communicate.  For those of you that would like to start your own closed group with your close riding friends, this is a great way to keep up-to-date on your rides and provide a place to talk about all sorts of cycling things that interest you.  To start your own group visit this Facebook Help Center page.

There are many types of Facebook groups out there and I will categorize them and provide links so you may request to join.  For these links to work, you must be logged into Facebook.  Please be courteous and respect each group's rules.  For more information about Public and Closed groups, visit the "What are the privacy options for groups?" page.  To learn more about joining a group, visit the "How do I join a group?" page.

Group Rides

Public Group
I created this group to make it easy for my fatbike friends and their friends to get together by posting their own group rides. Minnesota has a lot of fatbikers with riding schedules that may not include the weekends. This is a place where they can organize their own rides with friends and new acquaintances any day of the week. My work schedule keeps me from joining in on Saturday group rides but I'm available on Sundays and Mondays. Others of you may have other availabilities, that's why I created this group. Are you looking for some Tuesday afternoon ride partners at Murphy or Thursday night ride companions at Elm Creek? This group is designed to get fatbikers together for rides that fit their schedules. I miss out on so many fatbike group rides because of my work schedule that I wanted to create a Facebook group that was open to the public and would allow other members, not just those with weekends off to connect and ride together. Invite your friends and let's ride fatbikes together this Winter.

Public Group
This group is intended to bring cyclists in Minnesota together for group rides by providing a place to post them. - Posts should be about a group ride you are planning or soliciting interest for. These can be Road, Off-Road, Gravel or MTB. - Be clear about the time, mileage drop/no-drop and pace of the ride. - Attending a group ride that is not mentioned in this group? Post it. - Please include links to more information about the group ride if available (MORC Forum, etc.) - Please put post-ride photos/video in the comment section of that listed ride, not as a new post. - Please refer bike related questions/comments to Facebook groups dedicated to that kind of discussion.

Public Group
2015 Penn Cycle Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride Skill level suggested - Intermediate to Advanced Helmets Required! Riders must be a minimum of 18 years old. All rides start and end at Penn Cycle Eagan - 2290 Cliff Road. Eagan, MN. Start time is 5:30 pm sharp. A one-time Free or Deluxe Penn group ride membership form must filed out to ride. The forms will be kept on file. Ride Dates: May 5, 12, 19, 26 June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 July 14, 21, 28 August 4, 11, 18, 25 September 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Ride Locations: Lebanon Hills - Eagan Minnesota River Bottoms - Bloomington/Eagan Murphey-Hanrehan - Savage Ride locations will be determined by ride leaders by Sunday for the following Tuesday. Ride locations will be posted on the Penn Cycle Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride Facebook Group or call Penn Cycle Eagan at 651-882-1241 for more information. Schedule of rides may be changed at leader’s discretion. Penn Cycle MTB Team Ride Leaders: Josh Peterson Pete Schow Mark Vanderwoude John Sandberg In cases of inclement weather or trail closures due to wet conditions, a decision to cancel the ride will be made by 5:00 pm. For more information please call Penn Cycle Eagan at 651-882-1241.

Public Group
We're in it for fun. These rides are not training rides, no one gets dropped and we want everyone to have fun, enjoy the trail, learn something new and meet some friends. We want to help new riders feel more comfortable on their bike as well as allow more experienced riders the opportunity to challenge themselves and improve their skills.


Fat Bikes 
Closed Group
This group is dedicated to fatbikes and all their myriad forms. Post pictures, ask questions, join conversations or start your own, but please, keep it civil and friendly! Please do not make any for sale posts here, instead, use the Fatbike Trader group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fatbiketrader/ Everyone is welcome to join our group, but keep in mind, people with no profile pictures or without any biking photos will likely be ignored. Cheers!

Closed Group
Fat Bike riders young and old, riding northern Minnesota's Iron Range!! Fat is where it's at!!! For most rides a FatBike will not be needed, if a FatBike is the correct tool for a certain ride, it will be noted. ***** If you have something FATBIKE related for sale. I'll allow the add to stand for 7 days, if after 7 days it's still unsold, please remove. I'd like to keep this group ride and adventure related, and to not have it get bogged down in ads. ***** Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Central MN Fatbikes
Closed Group
Central MN Fat Bikes are young and old who love to ride fat bikes. We ride trails, gravel, and minimum maintenance roads all year long. Averaging 5-17 mph. We ride all over Minnesota and jump at any chance to take our fatties out. This page is for those who would like to try fat biking and find out why we smile a lot.

Closed Group
Pictures and stories of fancy fancy Fatbikes. Please join us and share the group page with your fellow bike geeks.


Public Group
Group to publish interesting bike races, marathons, and other interesting events, and to discuss.


MN Gravel Enthusiasts
Public Group
This public group is a resource for anyone looking to ride gravel, share gravel routes, post group rides or events (races, rides, etc.), discuss equipment or gravel Q&A. This is a Minnesota specific group, so please keep posts Minnesota gravel related. If sharing gravel road routes, please use the following formats: GPX files, Strava, Mapmyride, RideWithGPS, Runtastic or Endomondo route links or Gravelmap.com links.

Public Group
Celebrating gravel races, rides and road trips to those experiences.


Public Group
This page is for anyone with questions about bikes: mechanical, size, fit, use, equipment, Trail conditions and routes, etc. Ask and we shall try to answer!

Women On Bikes

Public Group
Ride Like a Girl Cycling is designed to be a resource for any woman looking to get into cycling or who already rides for work, pleasure or sport. This group was developed by female cyclists with the assistance of Penn Cycle to create a gathering place to find information, resources and to meet other women to ride or race with in our growing cycling community. Members looking to ride together, share bike routes, post group rides or events (races, rides, etc.), discuss equipment or Q&A are encouraged to do so. This is a female only group, so invite friends accordingly.

Public Group
Everyone is welcome to be a part of this group, but please RESPECT THIS SPACE as a discussion forum for women, trans*, and femme, gender variant cyclists. Grease Rag is a free and open shop night for WTF (women/ trans/ femme) cyclists of all experience levels. www.greaserag.org/calendar 1st & 3rd Thursdays: Uptown Wrench at Sunrise Cyclery (2901 Blaisdell Ave) 7-9P 2nd & 4th Tuesdays: Northeast Wrench at Recovery Bike Shop (2555 Central Ave NE) 7-9P 2nd and 4th Thursdays: U of M Wrench at U of M Bike Center (401 SE Oak St) 7-9P 2nd and 4th Mondays: Seward Wrench at SPOKES (1915 East 22nd Street) 7-9P Hiatus: Phillips Wrench at Grease Pit (2750 Bloomington Ave.) Hiatus: Near North Wrench at Venture North (1830 Glenwood Ave) Tuesdays: Frogtown, St. Paul Wrench at Cycles for Change (712 University Ave. E.) 5-9P Wondering where that squeak is coming from? Bring it in and we'll check it out together at the listed Grease Rag open shop nights. We also host a variety of social events and rides, which are listed here: www.greaserag.org/calendar *Please do not post "For Sale" type posts in this group. Use the Twin Cities Bicycle WTF FTW Post group. "For Sale" posts will be deleted. "Tell me about your experience with this type of product" posts are always welcome here. *Please post coupons and "sale alerts" in the Twin Cities Bicycle WTF FTW Post group. Thank you! greaseragmpls@gmail.com

Twin Cities

Public Group
Love Minneapolis. Love Bikes.

Public Group
Show us your rad rides! This page is for those of you who cannot help but post pics of your projects to gloat. It also could serve as a public record of your ownership!

Public Group
Post ride info, races, mountain bike rides, meetings etc.

For Sale/Swap

Public Group
• For individuals to sell, trade, barter, and post free BICYCLE related items in the Twin Cities Metro Area.
• Posts should always include: price, pictures and details.
• Posts should NOT include: just a link to your craigslist ad, spam, offensive language or anything off-topic. It will be immediately deleted and you will risk being banned.
• Posts should be deleted after the item is sold.
This groups is NOT for posting stolen bikes, asking general maintenance questions or posting advertisements. Those pages already exist and they are here:
• Stolen bike page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1382934645280517/
• Bike shop sales page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bikeshopsales/
• Bicycle Advice and Answers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/638674832881457/
• If you have a join request and have no mutual friends in this group, and you have your privacy settings locked down, chances are your request will not be approved.

Closed Group
A place to: - Post any cycling gear that you have for sale or trade. (or) -Post what cycling gear that you have interest in buying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -This is a closed group that assists members in selling and/or bartering of cycling related equipment (at their own risk). - Not adhering to the rules is cause for dismissal from the group: Warnings will be given on a case by case basis.
1: No links to eBay, Craigslist, unaffiliated Facebook groups, or any other off-group location. "You would not take a steak to steak house and ask them to cook it and call it theirs? Would you?"
2: Selling or trading on here is at your own risk. Please use your best judgement in your transactions. 3: No Spam.
4: Treat others with respect. (Yes, I had to make it a rule sadly)
5: Delete your posts that have sold.
6: Posts that are over 30 days will be deleted. This is an attempt to keep the site current and items relevant.
7: If you suspect spam or someone acting as an uncivilized connoisseur of cycling equipment, Report it.
-Rule #2 and #6 cannot be reiterated enough.

Public Group
This is a group for Bicycle Shops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to post their deals. If you are a bike shop please consider using this group instead of the Twincities Bicycle Trading Post.

Fat Bike Trader
Closed Group
The place to sell/buy all used Fat Bike related products. Shop owners can post great deals or group buys as well. The FSBO for Fatties...what do you have to sell?

Central Lakes Trail
Get out and enjoy the beautiful gem known as the 
Central Lakes Trail


Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour Returns for 21st Year

Image Credit: St. Paul Classic Bike Tour
The 21st Annual Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour takes place on Sunday, September 13th.  The tour is a great way to see St. Paul's parks and parkways mostly traffic free with many of your cycling friends and family.  Last year over 6,000 riders came out for this yearly tradition.

The ride starts at the University of St. Thomas.  Riders can choose from the 15 mile Summit Avenue Loop, the 33 mile St. Paul Grand Round and the 48 mile Grand Round + Summit Avenue Route.  Rest stops will be spaced out along the routes with food, beverage and live music.

Image Credit: St. Paul Classic Bike Tour

Online registration for the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour is now open.  Registration by mail is also available.  Proceeds benefit the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota to help Minnesota communities become more bicycle friendly.  Volunteers opportunities will be posted in June, visit the Volunteer page to learn more when posted.  Visit www.bikeclassic.org for more information and updates.


Two Trek Factory Demo Days Coming to the Twin Cities This Spring

Trek has announced two Factory Demo days for the Twin Cities this Spring.  They will take place at Lebanon Hills Mountain Bike Trails on May 23rd and Murphey-Hanrehan Park Reserve on May 24th.  Both demos will be held from 10am to 3pm.

Some of the bikes (in various sizes) that will be available to test ride include:

Domane 6.2 C
Domane 6.2 Disc
Emonda SLR 6 H2
Silque SLX C

2016 Boone Disc

Mountain Bikes
Remedy 9.8 29
Remedy 9.8 27.5
Slash 9.8 27.5
Fuel EX 9.8 29
Fuel EX 9.8 27.5
Stache 9
Lush S 27.5
Cali Carbon SL 29
Farley 6

Don't miss this opportunity to ride some of Trek's best bikes.  These demos are a great way to try out several and get a feel for the one that will be your next new ride.  Bonus, receive a $100 coupon for demoing a Trek bike.

*List of bikes for demos is subject to change.

*Demo is subject to weather and trail conditions at that time! Riders will need their DL and CC in order to demo. Must be at least 16yrs old and have a parent present if under 18.


Spirit Mountain Bike Park in Duluth Needs Your Vote in the Bell Built Grant for $100,000

Image Credit: C.O.G.G.S.

Voting in the Central Region for the Bell Built Grant which will award $100,000 to the winning finalist for funding a trail building project is on now until May 10th.  The Spirit Mountain Bike Park in Duluth needs your vote to become the Central Region Finalist. Watch the video below to see the World Class mountain biking that Spirit Mountain has to offer and how winning the Bell Built Grant will help finish a trail from their Master Plan.

Of the nine semifinalists, one finalist from the Eastern, Central and Western Region will advance to the National Finals where voting will be held from May 25th through June 5th.  After this voting period one winner of the entire $100,000 trail building grant will be awarded.

Your vote is needed to ensure that the Spirit Mountain Bike Park is the Central Region Finalist.  Winning the $100,000 grant will help the Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (C.O.G.G.S) turn this great mountain biking destination into something even more amazing.  

"Spirit Mountain already offers the best lift-served riding in the Upper Midwest and the proposed new descent will up the ante by taking advantage of the mountain's abundant bedrock for steep rolldowns, hucks, and rock gardens."

Central Region voting is now live through May 10th.  Get your vote in today and spread the word.


Penn Cycle Group Ride Tailgate Series Gravel Ride Set For May 3rd

Penn Cycle has put together another of its Group Ride Tailgate Series rides and it's coming up Sunday, May 3rd.  The Penn Cycle Group Ride Tailgate Series-Gravel Ride was set up to be a fun, challenging group ride to get cyclists ready for the Almanzo 100 coming up two weeks afterward.

This ride-at-your-own-pace event will take participants on a challenging 56 mile course with great scenery and plenty of climbing.  Group riding with your friends is encouraged and bringing everything you need to be self-sufficient out on the course is recommended.   

A minimum maintenance road with a 14 degree grade climb, single lane gravel, plenty of rollers and some great veiws of the Cannon River and Sogn Valleys make this a unique gravel riding experience close to the Twin Cities.

Riders will meet at Caron Park near Northfield around 8:30 am and roll out at 9:00 am.  Caron Park will serve as the start and finishing point for the 56 mile loop.  

After the ride Penn Cycle will be having a grill out at the park's pavilion with food, water and soft drinks provided.  Park rules permit beer consumption (glass containers prohibited) if you would like bring your own and tilt a can or two after the ride.

For more details or if you plan to attend, please visit the Penn Cycle Group Ride Tailgate Series-Gravel Ride Facebook event page and RSVP by selecting "Going".  Feel free to invite your gravel riding friends to visit the event page or share the it on social media.


Tour of Filmore Returns For Second Year

Drew Wilson, the man behind the Dickie Scramble is bringing back the Tour of Filmore for a second year.  Last year's tour took riders on a challenging route that started and finished in Lanesboro with plenty of hills and beautiful scenery.  The route was as challenging as Almanzo with almost 5,000 feet of climbing in 66 miles.

Drew knows this area well and the route for the 2015 Tour of Filmore is bound to be an adventure with more single lane gravel, long climbs and fantastic views.  Though the route has not yet been determined, it will start and finish in Lanesboro for a distance of around 75 miles.

This fun event allows those that decide to take on the challenge to make it as competitive as they like.  "This is a ride for anyone who is interested in riding a great route and doing so for free." 
The Tour of Filmore will take place on Sunday, September 27th at 9:00 am.

 After the ride there will be a grill out in the city park.  Camping will be available Saturday night.  The Penn Cycle Support Ambulance will be on hand for rider support.  More details will be made available as the route develops.

Image Credit: Gal Alon

Registration for this free gravel event is informal and can be done with a visit to the 2015 Tour of Filmore Facebook event page by selecting "Going".  Drew asks those that register, "please do not say you will attend and then not".   Spread the word to friends and family that would like to take on the challenge of the Tour of Filmore and I will see you there this September.
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