Interbike 2015 Cool Bike Gear-Part 3

After spending five days in Las Vegas for Interbike and the Outdoor Demo, I came across a lot of cool new bike stuff that I wanted to share with my readers.  These are products that are now available or in the case of some of them, will be available soon from your local bike shop.  This is the final installment of a three part series where I will highlight some of the items that caught my attention.

 Serfas Orion Blast Tail Light

Coming soon from Serfas is the Orion Blast Tail Light.  This light will be one of the brightest tail lights on the market and is sure to scream out “hey bike right here!” during the dark months commuters encounter when Daylight Saving Time ends.  The Orion Blast is designed with 70 micro LED's in red and amber and its internal Lithium-Polymer batteries are micro USB rechargeable.  Solid mode (85, 50 and 25 Lumens) flashes Red with a battery life of between 1 and 4 hours.  The five Flash/Pulse modes (150/70  Pulse Red/Amber, 70/35 Alt Red/Amber, 150 High Flash Red, 60 Low Flash Red, 70 High Flash Amber) give it battery run times of 1.25 to 10.5 hours.

This light also has the new Serfas Blast Audible Warning System that will emit an 85 decibel signal when there is only 10 minutes battery life remaining in that particular mode.  This allows the user to switch to a lower mode and restarts the battery low alert thus extending the battery life.

The Orion Blast Tail Light weighs only 55 grams.  It will be available in three colors (Red, Black and White) and comes with a new Aero-Bracket to fit any seatpost or application on a bike.  Retail price is $90 but no word yet on when it will be available at your local bike shop.


The Upstand was first introduced through a successful  Kickstarter campaign by Garrett Blake back in late 2013.  It is a lightweight, high tech kickstand for your road bike. Made of carbon fiber tubes with a shock cord, this device connects to a metal attachment tab that mounts on your skewer inside the the quick release.  The carbon fiber tubing has a rubber cap on one end and a magnet on the other to secure it to the metal attachment tab.

The metal magnet attachment tab only adds 15 grams to the bike while the stand itself a mere 25 grams.  Installation takes only 30 seconds and when the Upstand is not needed, slide it off and fold it in half for storage in seat bag, jersey pocket or attach it to the bike using the optional Upclip

The folding Upstand is available in standard (26"/700 wheels), 20" and 29" wheels with the option of adding the Upclip or an extra tab at a discount.  Purchase direct from the Upstanding Bicycle Company on their website.

 SRAM Red eTap

SRAM displayed their first electronic shifting groupset at Interbike, the Red eTap Wireless.  While SRAM is late with this offering to the electronic drivetrain market, they did what their competitors (Shimano, Campagnolo) haven't done yet and that is to make their system wireless.  SRAM uses a wireless proprietary protocol called Airea instead of using others protocols like Ant+ or Bluetooth.

Both the front and rear shifters have their own battery and wireless transmitter making them self-contained.  Batteries charge in only 45 minutes and SRAM promises 1000 km of life per charge.  For time trial and triathlon bikes with aero bars, the system can be paired with eTap Blip satellite shifters for remote placement using the eTap BlipBox.

Unlike the Shimano and Campagnolo electronic shift logic that is identical to their mechanical groups, SRAM's Red eTap is entirely different.  With only one shift paddle per shifter, shifting mistakes are almost eliminated.  Shift with the left shifter paddle to an easier gear on the cassette, shift with the right shifter paddle to a harder gear on the cassette and shift both at the same time to shift the front derailleur.  What could be more simple?

The SRAM Red eTap Road and TT Groupset will be available in the Spring of 2016.  The complete Red eTap Road Groupset will list at $2758 and the complete Red eTap TT Groupset for $2835.  It will also be standard equipment on high-end 2016 complete bikes next Spring from brands like Trek, Giant, Specialized and others.

SKS Fatboard Fender Set

SKS introduced their new Fatboard Fender Set at the Outdoor Demo and Interbike.  This two-piece fender set will cover tires up to 5" wide and weighs 353 grams.  The rear fender attaches to the seat post with a quick release clamp and has a two-hinge arm to adjust for any frame geometry or bikes with dropper posts.  It provides 20" of horizontal coverage keeping the rider clean and dry.

The front fender attaches to the downtube using high performance straps and works with all types of fatbike forks.  This design allows it to secure easily to any frame including irregular shaped or round tubes and also provides 20" of coverage.

 The Fatboard Fender set will be available at local bike shops in January, 2016 for a retail price of $54.99.

Swiftwick Vision Team

Swiftwick was at Interbike with a wide variety of cycling compression socks.  New this year are the Swiftwick Vision Team socks.  This sock is available "in designs that sync with any team’s colors".  Featuring Swiftick's signature Managed Compression and antimicrobial moisture wicking technologies, these socks will provide blister-free comfort, improve circulation and keep feet dry.

Vision Team comes in an 8" cuff length, twelve color combinations in sizes S, M, L, XL from the Swiftwick website and Swiftwick retailers for $17.99/pair.  

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