Product Review: BackBottle

From Fix It Sticks creator Brian Davis comes the BackBottle, an innovative new design for the water bottle with a unique shape that cyclists will come to love.  It's not your standard bottle, but one that was carefully thought out and designed with an ergonomic shape that fits perfect in a jersey pocket.  After a successful KickStarter campaign that achieved its goal weeks before the deadline, the BackBottle is now available.
"The BackBottle combines a bottle and a hydration pack into one small, portable package.  Last year I went on lots of long rides and was constantly having to adjust my route for gas stations and stops in a three hour ride.  I had the idea then, but the tipping point was at a cyclocross race when I was told no hand ups were allowed, even for water. With no cages on my cross bike, I got to work.”- Brian Davis

The shape of this bottle is the key that makes it so user-friendly.  I have used a standard cylindrical  water bottle in my jersey pockets before and spent time fumbling with trying to get it back into the pocket after taking a drink.  This is not a problem with the BackBottle.  The sloped pointed bottom makes it easy to slip back into my pocket in one smooth motion.  The BackBottles's flat back with raised ribs for air flow keeps it from rolling and feeling uncomfortable against my back.  After a little while I didn't even notice it was in my jersey pocket.

One design feature I really like about the BackBottle is the raised portion with lip that is on the lower half of the bottle.  This lip sits just below the jersey pocket seam to prevent it from being ejected while riding rough terrain.  I have done a lot of mountain biking and riding gravel with the BackBottle and it simply stays put, I have never lost one and had to double back to pick it up. 

The wide opening is easy to put ice cubes into but the cap could use a redesign.  When the Backbottle is filled with liquid it won't stand up like a traditional water bottle so it must be laid on its side resulting in a small amount of water slowly leaking from the nozzle.  Other than this the BackBottle is a great design that works as intended.  I use a pair of them in my jersey pockets for times when a hydration pack may be more than I need for a ride or one as a backup for those long rides with a hydration pack.  Cyclists that don't like to wear a hydration pack, don't have bottle cages or race road, mtb or cross will really like this product. 

  • 18 ounces of capacity (.53L or 530mL +/-) 
  • 3 ounces in weight when empty 
  • 8.5 inches long and 3 inches wide 
  • 53mm diameter opening (easy to add ice) wedged and ergonomic for easy one-hand operation manufactured from squeezable LDPE plastic made from recyclable components (packaging #3, bottle #4, cap #5) 
  • 100% BPA free 100% 
  • Made in the USA 
  • flat back minimizes roll when climbing or sprinting raised ribs on the flat back allow airflow 
  • top-shelf dishwasher safe

The BackBottle is available from BackBottle.com for $12 and shipping is free for U.S. orders.   

Disclosure:  Fix It Sticks provided the review samples for this article, but offered no other form of compensation for this review.

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  1. Might be worth noting that the lid is NOT interchangeable with other water bottles, it is slightly smaller than a standard lid.

    And if you prefer soft flexible rubber against your teeth, you'll be disappointed. It's a hard plastic tip.


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