Lebanon Hills Skills Park: A Place to Practice Before Hitting the Trails

The Skills/Terrain Park at Lebanon Hills new West Trailhead in Eagan was constructed by mountain bike trail building legend Tim Wegner, owner of Trail Source and opened in August 2012.   It provides an opportunity for mountain bikers of all experience levels to practice and improve their skills before encountering those features on the large network of trails within the park.

The Skills/Terrain Park features varying levels of  skinnies, rollers & jumps, berms and rock sections to practice on improving your technical aptitude.  Each segment of the Skills Park as well as all of the mountain bike trails are marked using the IMBA Trail Difficulty Ratings System to inform riders of technical difficulty.


Rollers & Jumps

Image Credit:  Mountainbikegeezer.com

Rock Sections

After a warm up at the Skills Park it's time to hit the trails.  There are plenty of signs throughout that are marked with next intersection numbering and trail rating to help with navigation and keep you on trails that fit your riding ability.

Technical trail features of all level of difficulty are abundant throughout the park, so a little practice at the Skills Park and on the trails will help with confidence and execution to improve your riding ability.

Watch the video below for a longer look at some mountain bikers ripping it up at the Skills Park.

Mountain bike advocate Griff Wigley a.k.a. the Mountain Bike Geezer has posted more photos of the Skills Park in his Picasa Web Album "Lebanon Hills Skills Park" and on his blog.

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